Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva
Latin American and Caribbean leaders reaffirm commitment to regional integration

CELAC member countries signed the Buenos Aires declaration to make Latin America and the Caribbean a community of sovereign nations

Lula’s address to CELAC “Nothing should separate us, since everything brings us together”

The return of Brazil to CELAC under the leadership of Lula was widely celebrated in the VII Heads of State Summit

Buenos Aires hosts historic meeting of Latin American and Caribbean leaders

The upcoming VII Summit of Heads of State of CELAC marks the return of Brazil to the regional integration mechanism, and will see the participation of the majority of leaders of the new ‘pink tide’ in the region

The role of the Brazilian military in the coup attempt

Members of the military are being investigated as part of the investigation into the January 8 invasion by Bolsonaristas in Brasilia

Un ataque criminal a la democracia: Por qué no debe haber amnistía para los fascistas brasileños

De toda la algarabía que resonó en la marea roja que se apoderó de la toma de posesión de Lula como Presidente de Brasil, lo más significativo fue el llamamiento a la “no amnistía”

A criminal attack on democracy: Why Brazil’s fascists should not get amnesty

From all the excitement echoing from the red tide that took over during Lula’s inauguration as Brazil’s President, the most significant was the call for “no amnesty”

La extrema derecha brasileña: un cliché político

Las consignas que invadieron Brasilia el 8 de enero eran menos sobre Bolsonaro y más sobre el odio que se siente por Lula y su gobierno pro-pueblo

The Brazilian hard right are already a political cliché

The slogans that pervaded Brasília on January 8 were less about Bolsonaro and more about the hatred felt for Lula and his pro-people government

Coup attempt in Brazil condemned by leaders from across the globe

The violent attacks against Brazilian public institutions by supporters of former far-right president Jair Bolsonaro have been widely condemned by political leaders and organizations from across the world

Understand the complicity of the Federal District’s governor in the coup attempt in Brazil

Governor Ibaneis Rocha has been criticized for choosing a Bolsonarista for Public Security and for collusion with police forces

Coup attempt: Bolsonaro supporters invade Congress, Supreme Court, and office of President in Brasilia

Dozens of buses had arrived on Saturday January 7 to the Federal District to carry out what appears to be a planned-out coup attempt

Brazil rejoins Community of Latin American and Caribbean States

Former far-right Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro withdrew from the CELAC in January 2020, alleging that the regional bloc had failed to protect democracy in member states