Thousands of Andalusians protest conservative-right wing coalition

Feminist and progressive sections staged a rally, condemning the coalition between the conservative Peoples Party, the center-right Citizens Party and the far-right Vox

January 16, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
The activists and political parties raised concerns on the impact of the new government on women's rights.

Feminist and progressive groups staged a protest in the province of Andalusia in Spain against the conservative-ultra right wing coalition that is set to assume power. In the regional elections in December last year, the incumbent Socialist Party (PSOE) lost the majority it had held ever since the formation of the State. In the negotiations following the elections, the conservative Popular Party (PP) aligned with the center-right Citizens party and the ultra-right wing Vox that has 12 members in the region’s parliament.

According to reports, tens of thousands of women assembled in front of the Andalusian parliament where the two-day investiture debate began on Tuesday. The protests continued on Wednesday with PP leader Juan Manuel Moreno likely to assume the presidency with the help of Vox and Citizens. The protesters raised concerns of an assault on women’s rights, especially considering the stances of the far-right party, Vox. Vox is highly critical of radical feminism, LGBTQ rights and abortion. The official inauguration of the president of the province is scheduled for Friday.

The Andalusian Communist Party (PCPA) also expressed its concern over the rise of fascism, not just in the province but also in the rest of Spain and all of Europe. “The situation of prolonged crisis of capitalism, the popular mobilizations against unemployment and precariousness, as well as for decent pensions, etc. makes the capital extremely violent against the working class and popular layers,” the party noted.

“In the case of Andalusia, capital and the Andalusian bourgeoisie, who have comfortably ridden with the PSOE, changed their horse and bet on more reactionary sectors, represented in the institutional framework by Vox, PP and Citizens. We must not forget our country’s tryst with the fascism during the time of Franco. In addition, the extreme right at times has nested in social democracy and Franco and won’t go without having a preferential place in the PP”, the party added.