Guernica stands in solidarity with Gaza

The people of Guernica, which was bombed by fascists and Nazis during the Spanish Civil War, urged the international community to share the suffering of the Palestinian people who are reeling under relentless Israeli bombing

Spanish Premier Pedro Sánchez announces cabinet members of the progressive coalition government

Conservative and right-wing sections have organized protests across the country denouncing Sánchez’s negotiations with Catalan and Basque sections

Progressive forces condemn right-wing attack on PSOE headquarters in Madrid

Right-wing groups have been organizing violent protests against the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party (PSOE)-led acting government’s amnesty plan for Catalan nationalist leaders

Progressives salute defeat of far-right in Spain

The far-right party Vox was projected to receive more support in Sunday’s polls in Spain, which sent fears across the country of the return of fascist politics

29-05 Spanish Elections
Early elections called in Spain following defeat of incumbent party in regional polls

The conservative People’s Party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo were the major winners in the regional and local polls held across Spain on May 28, which were considered a trial run for the general elections scheduled for this year

Racism in football
Brazilian government stands up for footballer Vinícius Júnior, victim of racism in Spain

Brazilian footballer Vinícius Júnior, who plays for Read Madrid, faced racist abuse from spectators during a match with Valencia. While he has received a lot of solidarity from fans, his club, and the Brazilian government, the response of the president of the Spanish League has been widely criticized

Hundreds of thousands rally across Spain against attack on public health services

Health workers and progressive political groups in Spain have condemned the conservative regional administrations in Madrid, Galicia, and Castilla y Leon over the plight of public health services

Barcelona mayor Ada Colau cuts ties with Israel
Barcelona city decides to cut all official ties with Israel over its systemic violations of Palestinian rights

Barcelona becomes the first city administration in the world to suspend relations with Israel since the BDS movement was started. It has also announced the suspension of the twinning agreement with the Tel Aviv city council

Abortion Rights - Spain
Progressives slam anti-abortion moves by right-wing regional government in Castilla y León, Spain

In the autonomous community of Castilla y León, the far-right Vox party is pushing measures to restrict abortions. There has been widespread opposition to these proposals

Workers continue to protest in defense of public health in Madrid

Health workers and patients converge in mass protests as Madrid’s conservative regional government refuses to prioritize the public health system

Spain health workers strike
For Madrid’s health workers, the strike for better conditions is about the spirit of primary care

Primary health care physicians in the Madrid region have been on strike since November 21, fighting for a higher budget allocation for primary health care and a better health system for all

Madrid’s health workers and people unite in the struggle for primary health care

Following a massive protest coordinated by community groups mid-November, primary-level physicians in Madrid will embark on a strike against the deterioration of health care