Housing activists continue protests against eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow

Activists boarded a train and pasted posters condemning housing provider Serco, which is planning to evict over 300 asylum seekers after it lost a contract to provide housing

August 12, 2019 by Peoples Dispatch
Housing rights activists continue protests against Serco
Activists have been holding protests demanding homes for asylum seekers since June.

On August 7, around 50 members of the organization, Living Rent, disrupted the train, Caledonian Sleeper that is operated by the housing provider, Serco. The protest was launched against Serco’s plan to evict 300 asylum seekers from their housing facilities in Glasgow, Scotland.

According to reports, the activists boarded the Caledonian Sleeper at Central Station, sticking #lockoutserco posters on the train and explaining its policies to the passengers and staff.

Living Rent Glasgow said that “Wednesday night’s action is the start of our call for UK-wide resistance to the entire lock-change regime. It is time for housing activists, refugee and asylum seeker groups, politicians, trade unions, and more, to take action against the companies that violently evict people via lock changes”.

Earlier, Serco had sent eviction notices to 300 asylum seekers after the contract for providing shelter for them was given to another company. On June 27 and 29, massive protests were organized outside the offices of private housing providers, Serco and Mears in Glasgow, Scotland, against their move to evict hundreds of asylum seekers Activists say the privatization of these services has led to the exploitation of asylum seekers by housing providers.