Scotland PHA report
Social movements in Scotland come together to build unity in the struggle for health equity

The recently concluded People’s Health Assembly in Scotland brought together 20 organizations working on problems related to health inequities with the aim of furthering unity and fostering change

PHM Scotland
Scotland’s People’s Health Assembly will address impact of inequity and alternatives

The People’s Health Movement Scotland is getting ready to discuss the effects of health inequities at a local People’s Health Assembly in Glasgow. It aims to strengthen the public health movement by providing resources for those campaigning for improved health in Scotland, including evidence, networks, and best practice

Teachers' Strike - Scotland
Scottish school teachers intensify protest demanding higher wages

School teachers and their unions in Scotland launched the ‘Pay Attention’ campaign last year demanding a 10% hike in wages to meet the soaring inflation

Young Communists defend the ‘right to roam’ in Scottish countryside

Large estate owners in the Scottish countryside have been trying to deny the right to roam for hillwalkers and the local people. A court battle is currently underway against one large landowner who denies right of way through his estate.

Anti-racism protest-Glasgow
Anti-racism groups protest vilification of immigrants in Glasgow

In the aftermath of a stabbing incident in Glasgow, right-wing groups in the United Kingdom have been trying to whip up anti-immigrant sentiments. Anti-racism groups have insisted that the city welcomes refugees

Winter evictions Scotland
Another brutal winter eviction resisted in Glasgow

After protests and legal intervention by the Living Rent Glasgow tenants’ union, the eviction has been postponed till a formal Tribunal hearing on February 24

Scotland evictions
Winter evictions lead to protests by tenants in Glasgow

The demand to stop winter evictions is gaining traction across Scotland, with reportedly 45 homeless people having died last year on the streets of Glasgow alone

Housing rights activists continue protests against Serco
Housing activists continue protests against eviction of asylum seekers in Glasgow

Activists boarded a train and pasted posters condemning housing provider Serco, which is planning to evict over 300 asylum seekers after it lost a contract to provide housing

glasgow evictions
Activist groups in Glasgow are up in arms against the eviction of asylum seekers

Private housing provider Serco has sent eviction notices to 300 asylum seekers after the contract for providing shelter for them was given to another company. Activists say the privatization of these services has led to the exploitation of asylum seekers by housing providers

Emboldened by the Tory defeat, Scotland plans for another Independence referendum

The failure of the Conservative government in the UK to take forward the Brexit formalities and the subsequent political crisis has reinvigorated the aspirations for independence among a pro-EU majority in Scotland.