Nora Cortiñas: The mother of all struggles

On the anniversary of the coup d’état which installed the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina, ARG Medios spoke to Nora Cortiñas about waging resistance in the midst of brutal repression

March 24, 2021 by ARG Medios

45 years since the last civic-military dictatorship in Argentina, Nora Cortiñas, Norita for those that know her well and follow her daily example, opened the doors of her home to ARG Medios to discuss the path of fighting for justice that in Argentina and across the world, she has taken in every instance of injustice wherever it occurs.

Forged in the fires of the toughest resistance and conditions, the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo became a beacon against surrender in the search for Truth, Memory and Justice.