Privatization or cuts to pensions? What’s next for Argentina with Milei

Milei anticipated that there will be a very hard six months in the country, but did not explain which sectors of society will be most affected. Is the public sector the only thing that the government is going to cut?

Far-right libertarian Javier Milei is the next president of Argentina

Milei won a resounding victory with an over 10 point margin over the center-left peronist candidate Sergio Massa

Gap narrows between Milei and Massa ahead of Argentine presidential race

Poll results show a close race between the two candidates, many show a tie. Massa emphasizes economic recovery and Milei calls for ballot box control

One week before the elections in Argentina, Sergio Massa and far-right Javier Milei are neck and neck

In the final presidential debate before the vote, Massa manages to expose Milei’s most controversial ideas

Elections in Argentina: A working class perspective

The results of October 22 could reflect a popular rejection of Javier Milei’s proposal to “take away rights”

10 points about Massa’s victory in Argentina

In light of a pleasant surprise for those opposed to a far-right victory in Argentina, Manuel Bertoldi analyzes this latest success and what it means for the Argentine left

Sergio Massa pulls ahead in first-round presidential election in Argentina, will face Javier Milei in runoff

Union for the Homeland candidate Sergio Massa overtakes far-right libertarian Javier Milei in the first round of presidential election in Argentina

Why we say there were 30,000: a manual to avoid denialism in Argentina

After Milei’s statements in the presidential debate, it is necessary to remember why we talk about 30,000 disappeared during the Argentine dictatorship

Argentina’s presidential frontrunner Milei denies number of disappeared from dictatorship

Human rights organizations in the country unanimously estimate the number of disappeared at 30,000, which Milei classified as “a twisted view of history”

Widespread rejection of far-right event in Buenos Aires denying crimes of dictatorship

Organizations have rejected what they deem as a provocation and assert “we will not go back”

Juan Grabois: “There is a crisis in Peronism”

Following the primary elections Argentina, former candidate Juan Grabois says that the ultra-right is rising in working class sectors

The people are fed up with the center: post-elections analysis from Argentina

The results from Argentina’s primaries speak volumes about the immense challenges for popular forces in the country not just to beat the far-right in the upcoming elections, but to build a lasting project capable of returning optimism and a sense of collectivity