Human Rights
Migrant deaths Over 2,500 migrants died or went missing while trying to reach Europe via the Mediterranean this year: UNHCR

The land routes taken by migrants through Sub-Saharan Africa and the sea crossing points in Libya and Tunisia are also extremely dangerous due to wars and local conflicts. Those who survive the perilous sea crossing often face harassment by a web of agencies in European countries

US refuses to acknowledge systemic use of torture by its armed forces in Iraq

A large number of those who were kept in Abu Ghraib and other detention centers run by the US and its allies in Iraq were innocent civilians. Many were subjected to various forms of torture and have not received justice to this day

Bassem Trifi: The struggle for human rights is essential for liberation

The President of the Tunisian League for the Defense of Human Rights highlights the centrality of the fight for human rights to liberation in the Arab and Maghreb region

Free Khaled - Italy Israel Youth groups demand release of Italian-Palestinian researcher Khaled El Qaisi who was detained by Israel

Khaled El Qaisi was detained by Israeli authorities on August 31 while he was on a family trip to Bethlehem. On September 14, an Israeli court extended his detention over alleged concerns of national security

Gazan fishermen harassed by Israel Gazan fishermen in dire straits amid attacks from Israeli forces and border closing

Gaza has been under a comprehensive land, sea and air blockade imposed by Israel since 2006, which has destroyed its economy and forced its over 2.3 million people to live in miserable conditions

Egyptian activist Mohamed Adel Rights groups urge Egyptian government to release imprisoned political activist Mohamed Adel

After having already spent five years in pre-trial detention, Adel was sentenced this week to four years in prison on charges of spreading false news and involvement in an unlawful group, among others

Mahmoud Hussein state persecution Egypt Activists Mohamed Adel and Mahmoud Hussein face state persecution in Egypt

The continued persecution of activists brings into question the legitimacy of claims made by President Abdel Fatah el-Sisi that the state is trying to engage with the opposition through the so-called national dialogue initiated earlier this year

Palestinian prisoners hunger strike Palestinian prisoners to launch hunger strike against increasing Israeli restrictions

Far-right Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir recently restricted family visits for prisoners to once every two months from the currently allowed monthly visits. Prisoners will start their collective strike on September 14 and continue it until their demand for the full restoration of their rights is met

Palestinian minor killed Palestinian minor shot dead by Israeli occupation forces in occupied Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation has already killed over 35 Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem this year, and is keeping over 165 Palestinian minors in prison

Gamal Zeyada arrest Egypt Egyptian activists and rights groups demand release of father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada

Gamal Ziada, father of journalist Ahmed Gamal Ziada, was arrested on charges of spreading fake news. Over 300 individuals and groups have demanded his immediate release and an end to attacks on freedom of expression and the press

Palestinian citizens of Israel protest After sustained protests, Israeli finance minister agrees to release funds for councils in Palestinian-majority areas

Extremist leader and Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich had announced earlier this month the suspension of funds worth 200 million Israeli shekels meant for municipal councils in Palestinian-majority areas. After sustained protests, he was forced to reverse his decision

Protests supporting prisoners on hunger strike Bahrain Hundreds of prisoners in Bahrain on hunger strike to protest poor prison conditions 

This is the largest ever hunger strike in the country’s history and is being supported by common Bahrainis who have been staging protests in solidarity with the striking prisoners