US Congress approves $1B for Israel’s Iron Dome in govt. spending bill and other stories

Today we look at the military aid to Israel approved by the US Congress, the targeting of Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar with Pegasus, and more

March 10, 2022 by Peoples Dispatch

In today’s episode of the Daily Round-up we look at the billions of dollars in military aid to Israel sanctions by the US Congress as part of the $1.5 trillion dollar omnibus spending bill; the targeting of prominent Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar using the NSO group’s Pegasus spyware amid broader attacks by Morocco on activists in Western Sahara; protests in southern Iraq against a steep rise in prices of food and cooking oil; and the passing of a right-wing Protection of Life and Family bill by Guatemala’s Congress leading to a major rollback of reproductive rights and the rights of  LGBTQ+ peoples.