Alejandro Giammattei
After threat of coup and nine hours of delay, the president of Guatemala is sworn in

Attempt to weaken the new president’s parliamentary group backfires as his Semilla party assumes presidency of Congress

Mobilizations continue in Guatemala against impending “coup”

Indigenous communities in the country have been on a national strike since October 2 amid actions by the judiciary and the right-wing to undermine democracy and the electoral process

Bernardo Arévalo will be Guatemala’s next President

Bernardo Arévalo de León of the center-left Movimiento Semilla won a decisive victory over Sandra Torres of the center-right National Unity of Hope (UNE). Arévalo’s victory was the culmination of a people’s campaign against the “pact of the corrupt”

Anti-corruption journalist in Guatemala sentenced to six years in prison

José Rubén Zamora Marroquín was arrested in July 2022, which many believe because he exposed several corruption cases and fraudulent businesses of the Alejandro Giammattei government

El alto precio de la relación entre Guatemala y Taiwan

Tsai, la líder de Taiwan, lucha por mantener el escaso apoyo diplomático con el que aún cuenta en la región.

The high price of the Guatemala-Taiwan relationship

Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen is struggling to maintain what little diplomatic support she still has in Latin America

Outrage in Guatemala following arrest of journalist José Rubén Zamora Marroquín

Human rights organizations, journalist associations, and social movements have condemned Zamora’s arrest as political persecution for revealing several corruption cases and fraudulent businesses of the Alejandro Giammattei government

The nations of Latin America and the Caribbean unite in boycott of Biden’s Summit of the Americas

Leaders of over a dozen countries in the region have condemned the exclusion of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela from the Summit

Palestinians stage protests, Guatemala’s president objects to family bill and other stories

Today we look at protests by Palestinians against illegal demolitions by Israel, the Protection of Life and Family law in Guatemala, and more

US Congress approves $1B for Israel’s Iron Dome in govt. spending bill and other stories

Today we look at the military aid to Israel approved by the US Congress, the targeting of Sahrawi activist Aminatou Haidar with Pegasus, and more

State of siege in Guatemala is a threat to human rights

The government has decreed military control for 30 days in the El Estor municipality in response to protests against a mining project in the territory of the Mayan Q’eqchi’ community.

Retired military officers storm Guatemalan Congress, set fire to vehicles

A protest-turned-riot by hundreds of retired military officers left at least 10 security officials and four journalists injured, besides other damages. The violence and illegal seizure of the parliament received condemnation by legislators of all political spectrum