Israeli war crimes
La guerra mutila el corazón de la humanidad

Mientras continúa la guerra genocida de Israel contra Gaza, el historiador Vijay Prashad reflexiona sobre el impacto multidimensional de la guerra en las personas y la sociedad.

Al-Awda Hospital in Gaza besieged again by Israeli forces

Israeli forces besiege Al-Awda Hospital in Jabaliya as more Palestinian health workers killed in West Bank

Occupation forces kill six, including three children, in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israel has repeatedly attacked the occupied territories since the war in Gaza killing over 400 Palestinians, including over 100 children, and detaining nearly 8,000

Starvation is a war crime: Note from the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians

Famine looms in Gaza due to Israel’s refusal to let aid trucks into the besieged territory. This is in violation of the Geneva Conventions which say that “starvation of civilians as a method of combat is prohibited”

El notable declive del liderazgo del Norte Global

No se puede encontrar la claridad en la Casa Blanca, en el número 10 de Downing Street o en el Palacio del Elíseo. Se encuentra en las palabras de la gente corriente de estos países que está desconsolada por la violencia.

Israel’s blocking of aid to Gaza is a weapon in its brutal war against Palestinians

Israel has defied ICJ’s interim verdict as well as a UN Security Council resolution calling for increased access to aid. It has instead deliberately blocking aid, causing a massive humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The remarkable decline in the global north’s leadership

Clarity is not to be sought in the White House, in No. 10 Downing Street, or in the Élysée Palace. It is found in the words of ordinary people in these countries who are heartsick regarding the violence

European parliament finally calls for a ceasefire in Gaza but rejects arms embargo against Israel

The amendment to a report which called for a ceasefire in Gaza was supported by 265 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs). 253 MEPs voted against it while 10 MEPs abstained from voting

Two more hospitals in Gaza go out of service as Israeli war completes 145 days

Kamal Adwan and Al-Awda hospitals in Northern Gaza have both gone of out service due to a lack of fuel and medical supplies

US slammed for providing Israel with ‘license to kill’ Palestinians in Gaza

Three UN agencies warned that over half a million Palestinians face famine by May if Israel continues to prevent humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza and if a ceasefire is not in place

US foreign funding bill stalled in House as Israel grows impatient

More than 29,000 Gazans have been killed by Israel, the Zionist state begs for more US funding as it carries out attacks

More than 29,000 Palestinians killed in 136 days of Israel’s war on Gaza

The number of injured increased to more than 69,000 as Israeli air raids and ground assaults continue across the Gaza Strip