Fuel shortage: SOS call for hospitals in Les Cayes, Haiti

Head of health unit in Haiti’s South Department calls for emergency measures to allow hospitals in the city of Les Cayes to access enough fuel to run generators

October 11, 2022 by Haitian Popular News Agency
Hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti. Photo: File photo

Hospitals in Les Cayes, Haiti, are unable to work because they do not have enough fuel to run their generators. The problem worsened during the week of October 1, after the government decided to increase the price of fuel. Jean Bernard Février, director of the Health Department in Haiti’s South Department, called on central authorities in Port-au-Prince to step in and supply fuel and other necessities to hospitals in the south, particularly in Les Cayes.

According to Dr. Février, many hospitals in Les Cayes are operating in poor conditions, relying entirely on the support of the local population. The government has adopted no measures to guarantee fuel supplies to the hospitals in order for them to continue to provide health care. Dr. Fevrier requested the government to take steps which would enable hospitals in Les Cayes to obtain fuel and carry on with their work. Hospitals in several Haitian cities have been impacted by the fuel shortage. Journalists from Radio Resistance and the Haitian Popular Press Agency (APPA) issued a reminder that, Haiti’s de facto leader Ariel Henry, is a physician, yet is taking insufficient measures to protect hospitals and health.