Haiti fuel crisis
The people of the world reject foreign intervention in Haiti

Following the call by de-facto leader Ariel Henry for international military aid to resolve the crisis of gang violence in Haiti, movements across the world have rallied in defense of the Haitian people’s right to sovereignty

Fuel shortage: SOS call for hospitals in Les Cayes, Haiti

Head of health unit in Haiti’s South Department calls for emergency measures to allow hospitals in the city of Les Cayes to access enough fuel to run generators

Haití: cuatro años seguidos de protestas ininterrumpidas

En las últimas semanas, las calles de Haití han vuelto a estar ocupadas por grandes marchas y cortes de carreteras. Bancos y organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG) -incluidas organizaciones caritativas católicas- se enfrentaron a la ira de los manifestantes, que denunciaron la injerencia de Estados Unidos en los asuntos haitianos.

Conditions worsen in Haiti amid fuel shortages

The gas stations in Haiti have been short of fuel since the beginning of September as the criminal armed gangs have seized control of major oil terminals and blocked ports that hold fuel stores. The acute scarcity of fuel has impacted key sectors of life

Activist Islanda Micherline on the coup and grassroots struggle in Haiti

Islanda Micherline spoke to Capire about the alarming situation faced by the Haitian people and calls for solidarity with the country

Haitian opposition calls for national mobilizations against President Jovenel Moïse

From across Latin American and Caribbean leaders and organizations have expressed their solidarity with the struggle of Haitian people and have demanded that Moïse comply with the Constitution and leaves office when his term expires on February 7, 2021

Cracks in the neoliberal wall

2019 saw historic revolts against the neoliberal economic model that favors the elite and wealthy while making life precarious and miserable for the working-class

“Haiti is living a moment of almost complete insurrection”

Chavannes Jean Baptiste talks about the factors behind the current people’s rebellion in Haiti and the different proposals on the way forward

Haitians continue to resist US-backed president and the IMF

Calling for strengthening the people’s resistance, a week-long call for action has been given.