Ariel Henry
Kenia suspende el despliegue policial en Haití tras la renuncia del Primer Ministro de facto

El gobierno del presidente William Ruto ha suspendido el despliegue de 1.000 policías kenianos como parte de una misión respaldada por Estados Unidos en Haití. La noticia se produjo un día después de que el primer ministro de facto de Haití, Ariel Henry, anunciara su dimisión para allanar el camino al nombramiento de un “Consejo Presidencial de Transición” en medio de la creciente inseguridad en el país.

Kenya halts police deployment to Haiti after resignation of de facto Prime Minister

The government of president William Ruto has suspended the deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police officers as part of a US-backed mission to Haiti. The news followed a day after Haiti’s de facto PM, Ariel Henry, announced his resignation to pave the way for the appointment of a “Transitional Presidential Council” amid rising insecurity in the country.

Haiti’s acting PM and president Ariel Henry resigns, people’s movements warn against foreign intervention

The resignation of Henry comes amid an upsurge in violence between security forces and paramilitary groups, and was a long standing demand of movements in the country

Kenyan High Court blocks parliamentary authorization of police mission to Haiti

The high court in Nairobi will issue a ruling on a legal challenge to the deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police forces to Haiti as part of a “multinational force.” The US and UN-backed mission has been condemned as yet another attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the Haitian people. 

Kenyan political leaders decry UN authorization of military intervention in Haiti

A UN Security Council vote authorized the deployment of 1,000 Kenyan police officers to Haiti, a move seen by some Kenyans as a violation of sovereignty and part of the United States’ neo-colonial agenda.

UN authorizes Kenyan-led military intervention in Haiti

The multinational security force will collaborate with Haitian National Police to conduct “targeted operations” to allegedly combat gang violence

Foreign intervention Haiti Haiti and Kenya establish diplomatic ties as UNSC mulls deployment of controversial “security support mission”  

Kenya has stated that it will lead a potential security intervention in Haiti backed by the US and the UN. The move has been condemned by progressive forces as yet another attack on the sovereignty of Haiti in service of imperialist interests while plunging the country further into insecurity 

Haiti, plunged into cycles of humanitarian crisis, rejects the possibility of new foreign intervention

Movements propose transitional government and cooperation with the Global South to rebuild the country

Haiti gang violence Canaan March against gang violence in Haiti ends in massacre

More than 20 people were ruthlessly massacred in Haiti after an armed criminal gang opened fire against protesters during a march in Canaan, a makeshift neighborhood on the outskirts of the capital Port-au-Prince

Haitians reject Kenya’s plan for armed intervention

A Kenyan assessment mission recently went to Haiti to examine the possibility of deploying a 1000-strong multinational police force, purportedly to improve security and stem gang violence. Haitian people’s movements and rights organizations rejected and condemned the proposal, saying it will escalate the issues it seeks to solve

Ariel Henry Haiti elections Haiti’s de facto government installs transition council to guarantee general elections

In light of the postponement of elections in previous years, many Haitians doubt that the creation of the transition council will guarantee elections this year as scheduled

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