Access to healthcare
Remember the Palestinian doctors killed by Israel

Israel has systematically attacked Gaza’s health system and killed over 700 health workers, a flagrant violation of international law

Universal Health Coverage: A failure of implementation or strategy?

Halfway to the 2030 deadline for Universal Health Coverage, the world is severely off track. Nearly half of the global population lacks access to essential health services, with one in four facing devastating healthcare costs

Israeli forces tortured a surgeon to death, the latest in Israel’s targeting of Gaza’s health workers

The killing of another surgeon in Israeli custody highlights the ongoing targeting of health workers amid the war on Gaza

Measles in Chicago sparks misdirected blame against migrants

Amidst the measles outbreak, Chicago sees 31 cases within a migrant shelter, sparking unjust blame towards immigrants. This scenario echoes historical patterns where diseases like cholera and AIDS were wrongly attributed to immigrants

Demilitarization and peace sovereignty are foundations for global health, People’s Health Assembly concludes

Health activists attending the People’s Health Assembly called for peace and demilitarization as a means to Health for All

5th People’s Health Assembly calls for the transformation of health systems

Activists at the 5th People’s Health Assembly called for the transformation of health systems, and to build strategies and unite struggles against privatization and corporate capture

Israeli forces leave Al-Shifa Hospital after killing hundreds of Palestinians and turning Gaza’s largest hospital into ruins

According to the eyewitnesses dead bodies were scattered all around the hospital premises some of which were dug out of the temporary cemetery built to bury the patients killed during the early phases of the war

Literacy for liberation: How the Socialist Party of Zambia is fighting illiteracy

Since 2021, over 4,000 people in rural and urban areas have become literate in Zambia’s official language, English, as a result of the Socialist Party’s program

Israel intensifies assault on healthcare in Gaza. Only 11 hospitals are partially functioning

Attacks on Al-Amal and Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis leave even more people without essential health care, health workers under threat

Millions of women in the US are being left without essential healthcare

As maternity care deserts in the US expand, millions of women in rural areas of the US have been left without access to basic maternity care, including labor wards

Baby formula prices and production practices impact availability

Persistent issues in baby formula production and pricing continue to impact families. As prices rise, carers are struggling to feed infants in many parts of the Global North

Junior doctors’ strike in the UK strike for pay restoration

A new wave of industrial action has been launched by junior doctors in the UK to fight for pay restoration