Access to healthcare
Labor reform bill faces setback in Colombia

The bill was shelved on the same day that right-wing activists held small rallies to protest the government of Gustavo Petro

LGBTQ+ Ugandans face deadly threat as “Anti-Homosexuality Act” signed into law

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has approved an anti-LGBTQ+ law that makes the “offense of homosexuality” punishable by life imprisonment and even death.

Saving the ISAPRE would be one more injustice in the Chilean health system

Private health insurance companies in Chile, commonly referred to as ISAPRE, are failing to provide essential health coverage for all—and the Boric administration is looking into changing the system

Cholera outbreak Malawi “No cool helicopters” to save those at risk of cholera

An ongoing pandemic of cholera puts at risk the lives of thousands of people around the world, as shown by a growing number of outbreaks in different regions. In order to address it, there is a need for a strong health system response, adequate supply of cholera kits, vaccines, and improved surveillance, apart from access to safe water and sanitation

Malawi cholera outbreak Stopping cholera in Malawi: firefighting measures are not enough

As Malawi continues to face a rampant cholera outbreak, local activists call for long-term investment in the health system and more health workers to complement short-term solutions

Colombians hit the streets in support of Petro’s progressive reforms

President Gustavo Petro recalled that millions of people voted for “change” in the 2022 elections, and vowed to implement measures to bring about the essential social changes in favor of the working class majority

Healthcare now and then: Why no one wants to be a nurse anymore

In the second and last part of this series, Sopiko Japaridze focuses on the conditions of nurses and other healthcare stuff in recent times.

The year 2022 for health in Africa

The Atlas of African Health Statistics 2022 gauges the overall health situation in Africa by measuring certain key statistics. The picture is not a pretty one.

Healthcare now and then: Soviet Georgia to the present

Japaridze compares and contrasts her experience with the three different healthcare models in Soviet Georgia, present day Georgia, and the US.

Egypt healthcare Better health in Egypt will not be achieved through technical improvements alone

A recent World Bank report on social protection in Egypt and North Africa focused on technical solutions for improving health indicators, failing to consider the broader political context

Serbia healthcare From optimization to decentralization of healthcare

A new plan to reform health care in Serbia leaves doubts about how much optimization of rights and accessibility of care it will bring

COVID-19 vaccines More equitable sharing of COVID-19 vaccines would have saved a million lives: study

It had been widely assumed that the disparity in vaccine distribution led to a loss of lives during the pandemic. But the new research has come out with an estimate of the global loss, which could be helpful in planning for future pandemics