Israeli occupation forces kill three Palestinians, injure 10 in occupied West Bank

Israeli forces have carried out near daily raids inside the occupied West Bank, often opening fire indiscriminately and killing Palestinians. The number of Palestinians killed in the territory this year is the highest since 2005

December 08, 2022 by Peoples Dispatch
Palestinian deaths
(Photo: Wafa)

Continuing with the murder of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces shot and killed three and injured at least 10 others in Jenin on Thursday, December 8, raising the total number of those killed in the city this month to five.  

The Palestinians killed on Thursday were identified by the Palestinian Ministry of Health as Sidqi Zakarneh (29), Tariq al-Damj (29), and Atta Shalabi (46). 

The three were killed after a large number of Israeli security forces tried to enter the city and were confronted by Palestinians. The Israeli occupation forces opened indiscriminate fire at the Palestinians who had gathered to oppose the early morning raids in the city and the refugee camp nearby.  

According to Wafa news agency, the Israeli forces also attacked an ambulance that was trying to transfer the wounded to hospital with gunfire. The driver and other staff narrowly survived the assault. 

A number of Palestinian houses were also damaged in the indiscriminate attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation forces. Israeli forces arrested 15 Palestinians during the raid.

In a statement issued later, the Israeli forces claimed that they had come under fire when they entered Jenin to make arrests some “wanted terrorists,” Times of Israel reported. 

Palestinians have disputed the claims made by the Israeli forces, claiming that while Zidqi Zakarnah was a member of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, the armed wing of the Fatah party, the two others who died were common civilians and not affiliated to any armed group. They also disputed the Israeli claims of a gunfight, Al Jazeera reported

Hundreds of people participated in the funeral procession of those killed, shouting slogans against the Israeli occupation and demanding freedom. A general strike was declared by the residents to mourn the dead. All business and educational institutions remained shut.  

The Israeli occupation forces have been carrying out near daily raids in the occupied Palestinian territories, mostly at night, allegedly to arrest persons responsible for attacks on its citizens. However, Palestinians see this as another attempt to target those who are fighting the occupation. Jenin refugee camp and Nablus have been the targets of most of these raids. 

Israel forces killed Al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in Jenin in May this year, when she along with other journalists was trying to cover one of their raids.  

Last Thursday, Israeli forces killed two Palestinians in Jenin in similar circumstances. 

Five people have already been killed by the Israeli forces in Jenin since the start of December.

On Wednesday, Israeli forces killed a 32-year-old Palestinian man near Silwad near Ramallah.

The killings on Thursday takes the total death toll of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank this year to 164, making 2022 the deadliest year for the territory since 2005, according to the UN. The total number of Palestinians killed this year in the occupied territories has gone up to 216.