Internationally beloved academic, poet, and activist Dr. Refaat Alareer killed by Israel

The professor at University of Gaza and co-founder of “We are Not Numbers” refused to evacuate northern Gaza as demanded by Israelis and continued to report about the Palestinian resilience during the war

Antonio Guterres invokes Article 99 of UN Charter, urges UNSC to prevent further humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The UN and other aid groups warned of the grave humanitarian crisis, with virtually no safe places for civilians and medical supplies running critically low

Condemn first, ask questions never? Israeli propaganda and the crimes the West chooses to believe

Since October 7, Israel has consistently made unsubstantiated claims of atrocities committed by Hamas fighters. Uncritically repeated by the White House and western media outlets, these claims have worked to manufacture consent for Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

WHO moves warehouse in Gaza as Israel’s attacks on healthcare continue

Israeli Occupying Forces sent an evacuation order to a WHO warehouse in southern Gaza, as public health situation in Palestine grows worse

“We will meet soon, free, with our heads held high”: Testimonies from Palestinian prisoners

Since October 7, Palestinian prisoners have been subjected to an intense campaign of retaliatory violence by Israeli prison officials

The US political establishment has remained complicit in Israel’s crimes every step of the way

Since October 7, US Congress has passed numerous resolutions condemning Hamas, reiterating its support for Israel, and approving multi-million dollar “emergency military aid” packages for Israel

Over 800 killed by Israel in weekend bombardment of Gaza

Close to 16,000 Palestinians have now been killed as of the 59th day of Israel’s genocidal war on Gaza, a majority of them women and children, with close to 42,000 injured

NYC demands ceasefire in Gaza amid Israel’s renewed attacks

Israel resumed its widespread bombing of Gaza following US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Israel, where he reiterated the US’ backing of “Israel’s right to self-defense.”

Risks of infectious diseases, malnutrition soar as Israel resumes attacks on Gaza Strip

Health agencies warned against growing danger of diseases outbreak and rising malnutrition in the Gaza Strip ahead of resumed attacks on Gaza

United Auto Workers calls for ceasefire in Gaza

One of the largest unions in North America adds its voice to the call for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine on the first day that Israel resumed its attacks on Gaza

Israel resumes bombing Gaza after seven days of truce, kills over 100 Palestinians

After talks in Doha to extend the ceasefire did not lead to a conclusion, Israel resumed its attacks on Gaza on Friday, killing at least 21 people, including a journalist. The US expressed support to Israel’s decision

Censorship of pro-Palestine content on social media continues

The bias and censorship by social media platforms limits Israeli accountability for its crimes in Palestine and feeds into the dehumanization of Palestinians