Palestinian prisoner Assef Refae dies after denial of treatment

At least 11 Palestinians have been killed inside Israeli prisons since October 7 after being denied medical care or due to brutal treatment meted out by prison authorities

Lula, Israel’s genocide, and racism on Brazilian corporate media

To the Brazilian corporate media and political class, even municipal elections have heavier moral weight than the extermination of a population

Two more hospitals in Gaza go out of service as Israeli war completes 145 days

Kamal Adwan and Al-Awda hospitals in Northern Gaza have both gone of out service due to a lack of fuel and medical supplies

US slammed for providing Israel with ‘license to kill’ Palestinians in Gaza

Three UN agencies warned that over half a million Palestinians face famine by May if Israel continues to prevent humanitarian aid supplies to Gaza and if a ceasefire is not in place

30,000 killed in five months of Israel’s “war of annihilation”, Palestinians call for global mobilizations to stop the genocide

Movements across the world have called for mass mobilizations on March 2 to put pressure on Western governments to end their support for Israel’s genocide

Hezbollah launches more attacks in retaliation to Israeli strikes

Over 200 Lebanese have been killed in repeated Israeli air and artillery strikes in the southern and eastern parts of the country since October 8. Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has said attacks will continue even if a truce is reached in Gaza

Israel’s brutal offensive on Gaza continues as death toll nears 30,000

The UNRWA said that it was last able to deliver aid to Northern Gaza on January 23 and warned that the situation is a “looming famine” and a “man-made disaster”

US soldier self-immolates in opposition to Israel’s genocide in Gaza

The 25-year-old active duty member of the Air Force yelled “Free Palestine” as he was engulfed in flames and fell to the floor

At ICJ hearing, Global South countries call for end to occupation of Palestine; US and allies back Israel

The ICJ is conducting hearings before giving an opinion on the legal consequences of Israel’s occupation of Palestine. The US and its allies have asked the court to not demand an end to the occupation

Malnourishment could lead to even more deaths among children in Gaza

A new report found that that over 15% of children under the age of 2 in northern Gaza are acutely malnourished, with 3% of them suffering from wasting. The World Food Programme has warned that without a ceasefire, a famine may ravage Gaza by May

On day 138 of Israeli assault, death toll rises in Gaza and attacks continue in West Bank

The death toll in Gaza rose to at least 29,313, with at least 69,333 injured. World Food Programme authorities warned that a famine is likely if things do not change and significantly higher volumes of food are needed

The world stands with Lula and Palestine

The Brazilian President was recently banned from Israel after standing unequivocally with Palestine and against Israeli-perpetrated genocide