Israel’s killing of seven aid workers in Gaza was intentional

Israel has killed aid workers and levelied false charges against agencies such as UNRWA, revealing its use of starvation as a weapon

Israeli air strikes kills dozens in Syria

Syria claims Israeli air strike coincided with another attack by the terrorist groups who control a part of the country in the north

Australia assists Israel in deflecting genocide ruling by attacking UNRWA

Australia immediately undercut the power of the ICJ ruling by supporting Israel’s long-standing effort to destroy the UNRWA

In suspending funding to UNRWA, the West has become an active participant in Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

Israel has made life impossible for Gazans by eliminating all material conditions for their survival including the crucial support provided by the UN refugee agency

The no-state solution becomes more and more real as Israel’s permanent Nakba continues

Israeli officials have been clear about their intentions with their bloody war on Gaza: annihilation and forced displacement of the population

Palestinian resistance continues against Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza

After the massacre at Jabalya refugee camp on Tuesday, Houthis in Yemen issued declarations of war against Israel

UNSC discusses war in Gaza Over 420 Palestinian children are killed every day in Israeli war on Gaza, says UNICEF chief

Israel has intensified its bombings inside the besieged Palestinian territory, repeatedly targeting shelters for the displaced and hospitals which are crowded due to the large number of people injured

Israeli bombing in Gaza Israeli forces move into Gaza with tanks and heavy artillery for next phase of its genocidal violence

Israel has completely ignored the UN General Assembly resolution, passed with and overwhelming majority on Friday, demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Deaths in Gaza cross 7,000 on third week of non-stop Israeli bombing

Israel cuts all communications in Gaza and continues bombarding the Strip for the 21st day on Friday, starvation and diseases loom over 2.3 million besieged Palestinians

Israel-Hamas war In defiance of international calls to stop bombardment of Gaza, Israel extends airstrikes to West Bank

Israel announced it will not issue visas to UN staff after UN Secretary General António Guterres stated that the October 7 attacks by Palestinian resistance groups were not carried out “in a vacuum”

Israel tells 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate in under 24 hours or face consequences

Large scale demonstrations were held across the world in support of Palestinian people despite the restrictions imposed by some countries

Israel-Gaza war Gaza’s power plant shut down. Over 1,055 reported dead from Israeli airstrikes

Palestinians rejected US President Joe Biden’s open support to Israel and called it an attempt to overshadow the “criminality and terrorism of the Zionist government”