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Right to sit kerala explained Explained: Emergence and journey of right to sit movement in Kerala

The struggle by the workers, under the banner of Asanghadita Mekhala Tozhilali Union (AMTU) emerged victorious after the communist government in Kerala passed an amendment to the labour law ending the inhuman practice.

Israeli demolition of Palestine Village Israel begins mass demolition of Palestinian village near the apartheid wall

International and Palestinian organizations have condemned the demolitions as illegal under international law amounting to crimes against humanity

Workers resist BSNL privatization attempt Workers unite to resist attack on India’s public telecom service

The far-right government of the country is on a disinvestment spree and has already privatised and closed many state owned organisations.

Sudanese protesters demand immediate transfer of power to civilian forces

Protesters are concerned that justice for those who were attacked during the protests is impossible unless the military lays down power

Protests in Peru against Tía María mining project enters second week

The inhabitants of the area are concerned about the serious impacts that the mining operations will have on the environment and agriculture

Puerto Rican protesters give Ricardo Rosselló ultimatum for resignation

Hundreds of thousands are mobilizing today in Puerto Rico and gave Governor Ricardo Rosselló until tonight at midnight to resign

British public foils Oswald Mosley’s fascist march British public foils Oswald Mosley’s fascist march 

The anti-fascists charged towards the fascists and knocked Oswald to the ground.

The year in review: a look at our coverage

Where do we fight? Why will we win? Here’s a look at the struggles that define the world

One year of Peoples Dispatch_International Media on Working Class Movements A year in the life of Peoples Dispatch

Our struggles are uplifted by the banners and slogans of those who fight across continents

Frantz Fanon Birth anniversary of revolutionary political philosopher Frantz Fanon

Fanon supported the Algerian War of Independence from France and his works have inspired national liberation movements across the world

Tens of thousands of Ecuadorians join the national strike against Moreno

Ecuadorian workers, trade unionists, peasants, students, and more have been mobilizing across the country for the past five days in rejection of Lenín Moreno’s government and the agreement signed with the IMF

Battle of Mirbat 1972 Dhofar rebellion: The battle of Mirbat

The Dhofari liberation movement adopted a Marxist-Leninist ideology with the objective of liberating “all of the Gulf from British imperialism.

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