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The struggle for health is the struggle for a more caring world: Dr Am …

At the plenary session of the fourth People’s Health Assembly (16-19 November), Dr. Amit Sengupta of the People’s Health Movement spoke about struggles by health activists across the globe in the fight for ‘health for all’. Amid the global health and economic crisis perpetrated by a neoliberal economic model, Dr. Amit – in the words of Bertolt Brecht – reminds us that in the dark times, there will be singing, about the dark times.

On November 28, 2018, Dr. Amit passed away in a swimming accident in Goa, India. Dr. Amit Sengupta had worked for more than 30 years with various social movements fighting for science, rationality and universal access to healthcare around the world. His demise is an inconsolable loss for those who stand for a just and egalitarian world.

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‘Without participation of women, there is no liberation’: Peas …

Global Meeting of Women Articulation, organized by La Vía Campesina, an international peasant movement, began on November 22 in Negombo, Sri Lanka. This international meeting aims to reflect on the different challenges faced by peasant women and women in general. Over 60 peasant women leaders from 20 different countries across the globe joined the conference.

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