Sandipan Talukdar
Radio waves coming from center of Milky Way confuse scientists

Scientists recorded strange radio signals coming from the center of the Milky Way. The signals do not match the known pattern of radio sources. The study was led by Australia’s national science agency CSIRO

Moon mission Moon rocks brought to Earth by Chinese mission shed new light on solar system’s history

Scientists have reported their findings of the rock samples collected from the moon surface, which have filled the knowledge gaps about some of its essential aspects

Origin of COVID-19 Close relative of SARS-CoV-2 virus found in bats in Laos

Three bat species had viruses that are more than 95% identical with the one that causes COVID-19, a study found. This further boosts the argument that the SARS-CoV-2 virus had a natural origin

Sculptures of camels in Saudi Arabia may be older than Pyramids and Stonehenge, study finds

A new study suggests that the rock art of life-size camels in northwest Saudi Arabia dates to between 7000 and 8000 years ago, making it the oldest surviving three-dimensional animal relief known so far

Conservation strategies save some Tuna species from extinction

Several important species of tuna and billfish have come back from the verge of extinction, says the latest International Union for Conservation of Nature report

COVID-19: Autoantibodies can cause severe disease and deaths

Various studies have revealed that autoantibodies have been a key driver of severe illness and deaths amongst people critically infected with COVID-19. Findings also show that autoantibodies’ concentration in human bodies increases with age

People infected with Delta Variant shed virus before symptoms appear

Symptoms appear 5.8 days after infection and 1.8 days after they first tested positive for viral RNA, shows study. The R0 value for Delta was 6.4, much higher than the original variant’s value of 2-4

How landscapes shape species: Grizzly bears’ DNA aligns with indigenous language families

Can genetic distinctions among bear populations be related to language differences among human populations co-existing in a region? New research says yes

The first coins were minted in China, suggests new research

Researchers claimed that they have discovered miniature shovel-shaped coins made up of bronze which were mass-produced in China around 2,600 years ago

Abundance of oxygen may be linked to speed of Earth’s rotation

A new hypothesis by scientists opens up fresh avenues for further investigation into the oxygenation of our planet

COVID-19 treatment: SOLIDARITY trial is restarting with 3 drugs this time

The drug candidates for repurposing are imatinib, a cancer drug; infliximab, an antibody; and artesunate, an anti-malarial drug. The tests seek to explore possible drugs that can be repurposed to treat severely affected COVID-19 patients

Engravings on clay tablet confirm Babylonians knew Pythagoras Theorem before the man himself

‘Si.427’ is the name assigned to a clay tablet that has been estimated to be around 3,700 years old. While it purportedly depicts a land deal, the geometry in play is intriguing

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