Sandipan Talukdar
Carbon Dioxide removal behind Paris Agreement target

In order to meet the 2 degrees Celsius threshold, 0.96 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide should be annually removed compared with 2020

Glaciers melting Half of world’s glaciers will vanish by 2100, even if 1.5 degrees Celsius threshold is met: study

The glacial disappearance will contribute significantly to the rising sea level and threaten water supply to a billion people, according to a new study published in Science that uses satellite imagery

Explained: Fusion energy and US scientists’ breakthrough

In most of the fusion reactions being conducted in laboratories, magnetic force is used to fuse the atomic nuclei. In the case of the US experiment, strong lasers did the job of bringing close the nuclei and fusing them

James Webb Telescope James Webb telescope may have spotted some of the most distant galaxies ever seen

Researchers say that if the initial estimates are correct, these galaxies may have formed some 350 million to 450 million years after the Big Bang occurred

Study throws new light on impact of Great Depression on human DNA

The findings suggest that the economic recession impacted how people would age, even before they are born. The cells of those who were conceived during the Great Depression show signs of faster ageing

33 bacteria alone accounted for 7.7 million deaths in 2019, finds study

An analysis published in the Lancet found that infections caused by these 33 bacteria were the second highest cause of death in 2019 after coronary heart disease

Bat viruses How are bat viruses increasingly infecting people? Research sheds new light

The researchers claim that their detailed investigations and the outcomes enable them to predict in advance – up to two years – when clusters of the spillover may appear

Japanese company set to launch first commercial mission to the Moon

The M1 lander of the Japanese company Ispace is scheduled to be launched this week from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. The company expects it to land on the Moon in March-April 2023

Carbon emissions No sign of cut in carbon emissions, 2022 set to touch record high

The current trend suggests that humanity would pump record-high carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, raising the temperature well above the 1.5-degree Celsius limit in just nine years

COP27 Fossil fuel lobby COP 27: Weighty presence of fossil fuel lobbyists raises alarm

Environmental activists and researchers feel that fossil fuel lobbyists being granted access to policymaking processes poses the threat of slowing down climate action

Climate change impact on poor countries Low-Income countries bear brunt of climate change, lose trillions of dollars, says research paper

Brazil, Venezuela and Mali have been the worst-hit countries with their per capita GDP going down by 5% annually, research has shown

COVID-19 vaccines More equitable sharing of COVID-19 vaccines would have saved a million lives: study

It had been widely assumed that the disparity in vaccine distribution led to a loss of lives during the pandemic. But the new research has come out with an estimate of the global loss, which could be helpful in planning for future pandemics