Sandipan Talukdar
Chinese scientist behind genetically engineered babies jailed for 3 years

He Jiankui’s work sparked wide-scale controversy among the scientific communities across the world. The main concern was that of ethics

Earth’s forests could be 385 million years old

In an abandoned quarry near Cairo, New York, scientists have discovered the oldest forest — the fossilized woody roots of dozens of ancient trees

Human DNA extracted from 5,700-year-old chewing gum

Researchers have extracted human DNA from a 5,700-year-old chewed wad of pitch from Denmark. They were also able to decipher that the genome belonged to a woman and also could determine that she probably had blue eyes, dark skin and dark hair

Overweight malnutrition Global food system changes led to overweight-malnutrition in low and moderate income countries

Ae Lancet report showed that more than one-third of the low and middle income countries are suffering from overlapping form of malnutrition – 45 out of 123 countries in the 1990s and 48 out of 126 countries in the 2010s

Greenland Ice sheets Greenland’s ice sheet melting 7 times faster than in 1990s

The sea level rises are likely to reach 67 centimeters by 2100, which is about 7 centimeter more than the previous prediction of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

LB1 black hole Discovery of giant black hole in the Milky Way poses new challenges

The black hole, named LB1, is estimated to have a mass 70 times that of the sun, and sits at a distance of 13,800 light years from the Earth

Climate change summit Ahead of COP25, EU declares climate emergency

The members of the EU were urged to commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The European parliament also voted for a target of curbing greenhouse emission by 55% by 2030

Underlying universality of diverse music

New research published in Science states that music is not only universal, but similar songs are used in similar contexts around the world

Greenhouse gas concentration in atmosphere at record high: report

As per a World Meteorological Organisation bulletin, global averaged concentration of carbon dioxide reached 407.8 parts per million in 2018, a surge from 405.5 ppm in 2017.

Human Brain GPS System in Human Brain and Memory Recall

New research has identified memory-trace-cells, which are special neurons that get activated when one recalls memories involved in specific locations

Physics Nobel Physics Nobel 2019 Is About Understanding the Universe

The prize is shared by James Peebles, for his seminal theoretical predictions about the early universe and formation of galaxies, and Michael Mayor and Didier Queloz, who were first to discover an planet that revolves around distant sun like star.

Following protests, IEEE revokes sanctions on Huawei

IEEE had decided to bar employees of Huawei from reviewing submissions to its journals. Following this, China declared that it would suspend ties with the society. Several professors of premiere universities also resigned from the from IEEE

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