Sandipan Talukdar

Black Hole Katie Bauman

The image was made a reality by the EHT project under which eight ground –based radio telescopes were installed across the Earth to capture the image

The report says once lost, there would be no way left for recovering the precious global biodiversity that will pose a serious threat to food and agriculture

Recent satellite pictures revealed that almost 70 per cent of the contribution made by Greenland to sea level rise has come from melted water, and not ice

Two independent studies, on rice and mouse embryos, found abundant off-target mutations in the experiments using CRISPR, where editing the DNA involved changes of base cytosine to thymine.

A study published in Nature Geoscience has declared that the Palu earthquake was a “Supershear” earthquake, which means that the speed of propagation of the earthquake rupture exceeded the speed of the seismic shear wave or the S-wave

Academic freedom in research spaces, the protection of the country’s biodiversity and Brazil’s role in the global struggle against climate change are among the key areas where a Bolsonaro government may have a disastrous impact, scientists fear.

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