Sandipan Talukdar
WHO mega trial results out: Remdesivir, Interferon fail to prove effective

None of the four drug/drug combinations that were deployed in the WHO’s SOLIDARITY trial were found to be effective in reducing mortality, not even the much-hyped anti-viral drug Remdesivir

Room temperature superconductor reported to have worked for first time

This could have a big technological impact, as it raises the possibility of the development of electronic equipment that is much faster and does not overheat

Remembering Mario Molina, who warned about ozone layer depletion by CFC

The Nobel prize winner, an iconic figure in the ozone layer depletion study, died of a heart attack at the age of 77 on October 7. Due to his work, the ozone layer is likely to be healed by the 2080s

Current CO2 emissions greatly outpace ocean CO2 level caused by ancient volcanoes

According to a new study, human activities are leading to CO2 emissions at a rate three to eight times faster than what the volcanic eruptions might have done, which may prove catastrophic to species in water and on land

120,000 year-old footprints in Arabian peninsula point to human presence

A recent study has shed more light on the presence of early humans in the Arabian peninsula after explorers found human footprints on a lakebed surface

COVID-19: Why do some patients suffer brain damage?

A debate continues to rage about whether the brain damage due to COVID-19 in some patients is because of the attack of the virus, or due to an immune response

Climate study of past 66 million years reveals earth’s current temperature rise is unprecedented

The study published in the Science journal concludes that this human-made climate change is far beyond the natural changes that are triggered by the earth’s changing orbit

COVID-19 lockdowns didn’t help in reducing carbon emission: UN report

The report found that due to lockdowns, the daily level emissions of greenhouse gases decreased by 17% in April when compared to 2019. But, as the world went back to work, emissions rose and crossed last year’s levels

Half of the world’s oceans are already affected by human-induced climate change

A recent study of ocean depths shows that 20-55% of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans have shown an emergent human-induced signal and it is likely to increase to 40-65% and up to 80% by 2080

COVID-19: deceased patients’ autopsies show remarkable immune failure

Recent studies have found that the deceased patients lack germinal centers in the spleen and lymph nodes. Germinal centers are where mature B cells can proliferate, and undergo mutations so that become long-standing fighters against a pathogen

More evidence emerges of T Cell Immunity against novel Coronavirus in unexposed people

Candidate vaccines which have shown promising results have all reported trying to elicit a T cell immune response along with antibody production

COVID-19 vaccine may come, but what about equitable distribution?

With rich countries and big pharma companies getting proactive, there is widespread apprehension about access and price of the vaccine for countries that need it most.

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