Zoe Alexandra
International tribunal finds US blockade of Cuba in violation of international law

The International Tribunal Against the Blockade of Cuba took place in the Belgian capital on November 16 and 17 and heard from dozens of witnesses from European and Cuban civil society

When the journalists are gone, the stories will disappear.

Over 29 Palestinian journalists have been killed since October 7 in Israeli’s genocidal bombing of the Gaza strip

“As long as Palestine is occupied, no country is free”

Across West Asia and North Africa, massive protests have been staged in solidarity with the Palestinian people and to protest the criminal Israeli attacks on Gaza

Dilemmas of Humanity Conference concludes in Johannesburg, “socialism is an achievable necessity”

The conference held from October 14-18 in the South African city sparked debates on the paths to socialism and how the peoples of the world envision a socialist horizon

Can capitalism solve the environmental crisis?

On the third day of the International Dilemmas of Humanity conference, participants discussed how to address the environmental crisis from a socialist perspective and issues of human dignity

Pasar de la retórica a la acción para construir el socialismo

En el segundo dia de la III Conferencia Internacional Dilemas de la Humanidad, líderes discutieron los retos y las tareas principales para organizar la clase trabajadora

Moving from rhetoric to action to build socialism

On the second day of the III International Conference Dilemmas of Humanity, leaders discussed the key challenges and tasks to organize the working class.

“Socialism is not just a possibility, it is the only possibility”: left leaders gather in Johannesburg

The III International Dilemmas of Humanity will run from October 14 to 18 in Constitution Hill in Johannesburg

50 detenidos y más de 100 domicilios allanados en medio de una amplia represión contra la libertad de prensa en India

En la mañana del 3 de octubre, las autoridades indias llevaron a cabo redadas y detenciones masivas amparándose en la draconiana ley UAPA.

50 detained, over 100 homes raided in sweeping crackdown on press freedom in India

Indian authorities carried out mass raids and detentions under the guise of the draconian UAPA on the morning of October 3

Is this the end of French neo-colonialism in Africa?

The recent formation of the Alliance of Sahel States is further proof of the consolidation of anti-French sentiment in the region. Philippe Toyo Noudjenoume, President of the West Africa Peoples’ Organization, says that this sentiment is especially strong in the Sahel region but is common throughout French-speaking Africa

Allende lives

A series of activities have been organized over the past week in honor of the 50th anniversary of the coup d’état against then Chilean President Salvador Allende