Dozens more killed defending unionist city of Las Anod from separatist Somaliland

Scores were killed on April 1 while defending Las Anod—the city at the heart of movement to reunify the region with Somalia—from attacks by the separatist Somaliland army

Separatist Somaliland escalates war on Somali unification movement

Attacks by Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia whose sovereignty claim has no international recognition, have caused over 1,500 injuries since February 6 in Las Anod, which is at the heart of the movement to reunify the Sool, Sanaag and Cayn (SSC) with Somalia

Separatist Somaliland troops continue shelling Las Anod city, killing dozens

The attack on Las Anod, the epicenter of unionist protests, began at the conclusion of the conference declaring the Sool, Sanaag, and Cayn (SSC) region a part of Somalia

Protests in breakaway Somaliland call for reunification with Somalia

Even as the US and UK are increasingly legitimizing secessionist rule in Somaliland, whose sovereignty has no international recognition, a unionist movement seeking a united Somalia threatens to unravel the self-declared republic

“Conflict between president and PM is a conflict between the Somali people and imperialist forces”

Parliamentary elections in Somalia are set to be concluded by February 25 amid tensions between the president and the prime minister. Mohamed Hassan, historian and former diplomat, explains the political situation, the role of foreign powers, especially the UAE, and the truth behind Shabaab

Elections in Somalia hit another roadblock

The opposition presidential candidates have rejected the new framework weakening the authority of clans and empowering the heads of state governments to determine candidates who will elect MPs to the lower house

US airstrikes
US resumes airstrikes in Somalia weeks after reports of civilian deaths

In March, an Amnesty International report said at least 14 civilians had been killed and another 8 injured in 2018. As of March 19, 28 airstrikes had been undertaken by the US forces, a significant escalation from the last couple of years