Malaysia stands up for Palestine

Activists in Malaysia organized the “Blockade for Palestine” outside the US Embassy in response to the US’ continued support of Israel’s war crimes

Malaysian activists hold six-day “Siege for Palestine” near US embassy

Activists are on a six-day sit-in protest in Kuala Lumpur in solidarity with the Palestinian people and against the blocking of ceasefire attempts by the US. They have continued their protests despite obstructions by the police and city authorities

Malaysian socialists arrested during protest against forced eviction of farmers

Chairman of Parti Sosialis Malaysia and three others were arrested as they tried to resist an eviction drive against 200 farmers in the Prime Ministers’ constituency

Books are not a crime! Solidarity with Toko Buku Rakyat in Malaysia

The International Union of Left Publishers expresses solidarity with the Toko Buku Rakyat bookstore that suffered a raid by officers looking for “The Communist Manifesto”

Understanding the challenges before Malaysia’s public health system

Dr. Lim Chee Han of of the People’s Health Forum-Malaysia and Third World Network talks about the characteristics of Malaysia’s health system and the challenges before it