Political turmoil continues in Pakistan despite power sharing deal among establishment parties

The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) have agreed to form the new government. However, several parties, including Imran Khan’s PTI, have refused to accept the results and have alleged widespread rigging

PTI-backed candidates emerge as largest bloc but uncertainty over government formation continues

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party, the PTI, has been staging protests alleging rigging and other irregularities in Pakistan’s election. Meanwhile, discussions are on among parties to form a new government

Imran Khan’s PTI claims victory in Pakistan’s general election

The Pakistan Tehreek e-Insaf had alleged persecution by the army and the ruling elite in the run up to the elections, with Khan jailed and barred from contesting and the party denied its electoral symbol

Pakistan set for polls amid popular resentment against country’s elites

Despite legal troubles, former Prime Minister Imran Khan remains the most popular figure in Pakistan. Meanwhile, economic problems such as price hike and poverty emerge as the most important issues in the current election season

Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan and his wife sentenced for 14 years in Toshakhana case

Wednesday’s sentencing is the third for the former prime minister of Pakistan who has alleged that he is being persecuted by the army and political class in response to pressure from the US

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan sentenced to 10 years in prison

Imran Khan has been sentenced by a special court for allegedly disclosing a diplomatic cable. The former PM has maintained that the document contains proof of a conspiracy involving the military and the US that led to his ouster from office in 2022

Pakistan retaliates with strikes inside Iran killing nine

Pakistan’s strike was in retaliation to an Iranian attack on Tuesday which targeted against alleged bases of the group Jaish al-Adl. The terrorist outfit had claimed responsibility for a attack in Iran in December

Protests continue in Pakistan against extrajudicial killings in Balochistan

The shutdown came in response to attempts by officials to label the Baloch long march as mere propaganda. The sit-in protests against the extrajudicial killings in Islamabad have completed 43 days

Baloch protesters set seven-day ultimatum for Pakistani government

Families of Balochi victims of enforced disappearances have been on a sit-in protest for the past nine days after a 1,600-km-long march

Activists condemn Pakistan Supreme Court’s decision to allow military trial of civilians

The Supreme Court decision to permit military trials of civilians reversed its own decision from October. The ruling comes in the context of military trials against opposition leaders and members for the May protests after the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan

‘Millions of Afghans being forcefully deported face a dire situation’: Heela Najibullah

With these expulsion orders ahead of winters, an estimated 1.7 million undocumented Afghan migrants are facing an uncertain fate with a rampant economic crisis in Afghanistan under the Taliban regime, and escalating hunger and poverty.

Pakistan moves to crack down on “illegal” Afghan refugees

Thousands of vulnerable refugees have fled Pakistan for the fear of being detained, while hundreds houses of have been razed by authorities