Cypriots protest use of bases by UK in imperialist conflicts

The British military has been using the Akrotiri and Dhekelia bases in Cyprus for its war-mongering, such as in the recent bombing of Yemen

Cypriots hit the streets with a massive display of solidarity with Palestine

The Pancyprian Peace March called by peace activists, progressive groups, and social movements, called for the immediate end of the genocidal war in Gaza and an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine

Attack on migrants - Cyprus
Progressives in Cyprus condemn racist attack on migrants in Chloraka 

Over a period of time, Chloraka has seen rising tensions between migrants, many of them from Syria, and far-right xenophobic sections within the local community. Progressive sections claim that the situation created in Chloraka is the result of a lack of a comprehensive migration policy

17-07 Cyprus copy
Progressives in Cyprus pay tributes to victims of 1974 coup on its 49th anniversary

The 1974 coup by Greek extremist elements turned into a bloody civil war that paved the way for the Turkish invasion of the island on July 20, 1974, and the occupation of Northern Cyprus which continues till today

31-05 Cyprus Unity
Progressive Cypriots reiterate resolve to secure peace and unity in the divided island

Working class sections and peace groups have called for opening up more crossing points on the Green Line which divides Cyprus. They also resolved to intensify the struggle for the reunification of the country within the framework of a bi-zonal and bi-communal federal solution

Protest for Unity - Cyprus
Anti-imperialists protest on 39th anniversary of proclamation of Turkish state in Northern Cyprus

Working class and anti-imperialist sections denounced the chauvinist maneuvers by imperialist and hyper-nationalist forces that led to the de-facto partition of Cyprus in 1983. They also called for the resumption of negotiations to facilitate a peaceful reunification

Progressives in Cyprus denounce government funding for ‘Grivas Museum’

The center-right government in Cyprus has decided to allocate funds to build a museum to honor the notorious Greek-Cypriot paramilitary leader Georgios Grivas

Surveillance Scam - Cyprus
Cyprus government slammed for inaction on spying scandal

The tech security company which developed the controversial Predator spyware that was used to spy on a Greek politician and journalists is currently owned by an Israeli businessman based in Cyprus

Save Akamas - Cyprus
Progressives in Cyprus intensify campaign to save Akamas peninsula

The Cyprus government’s plan to facilitate pro-business developmental works in the ecologically sensitive Akamas peninsula has invoked large-scale protests from environmentalists and other progressive sections in the country

Womens protest-Cyprus
Women’s groups in Cyprus protest acquittal of police officers in Mitsero murders case

Following the murder of seven women and girls by Nikos Metaxas between 2016 and 2018, a probe was ordered into the role of the police. The investigation concluded that it could not be proved that there was negligence of duty

Cyprus Elections
Conservatives maintain lead in Cyprus parliamentary elections

In the elections held to the House of Representatives in the Republic of Cyprus, the incumbent Democratic Rally (DISY) and the communist Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL) maintained their first and second positions

March For Cyprus Unity
Ahead of UN-mediated talks, Cypriot groups rally for a peaceful solution

Progressive sections in both parts of politically and ethnically divided Cyprus marched in the capital city Nicosia calling for a federal solution for the peaceful reunion of the communities and the country