Is this the end of French neo-colonialism in Africa?

The recent formation of the Alliance of Sahel States is further proof of the consolidation of anti-French sentiment in the region. Philippe Toyo Noudjenoume, President of the West Africa Peoples’ Organization, says that this sentiment is especially strong in the Sahel region but is common throughout French-speaking Africa

Fete de l’Humanite recharges the French left in the fight against Macron and the extreme right

The 88th edition of the Fête de l’Humanité recorded the participation of around 430,000 people from September 15 to 17

“France out of Africa, US and NATO too!” Activists picket the UNGA

US activists protested outside of the UN General Assembly against US and French imperialism and warmongering in the Sahel

A ‘Tour de France for Health’ in response to Macron’s austerity measures

A coalition of trade unions, political parties, and associations is getting ready to build a national campaign for a fair social security budget in response to the Macron’s administration austerity policies

Persecution of trade unionists France
French working class rallies in solidarity with trade unionist facing prosecution

Sébastien Menesplier, leader of a union affiliated to the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), was summoned by the police recently. The CGT claims that over 400 of its activists are being prosecuted in various courts for protesting the controversial pension reforms forced through by the Emmanuel Macron government

Trade unions and communists condemn French state’s persecution of energy workers’ leader Sébastien Menesplier

Sébastien Menesplier, the leader of the National Federation of Mines and Energy, was summoned by the police for his role in organizing a strike against the unpopular pension reforms. Unions and the French left have termed it an unprecedented escalation of attacks on labor organizing

26-07 Police repression - France
A month after Nael’s killing, has the French state learned any lessons?

The killing of 17-year-old Nael and the mass protests that followed once again revealed structural issues and discrimination in France. Activists say these need to be addressed urgently but it does not look like the government has learnt any lessons

A brutal colonial legacy is tinder for the fires that are sweeping across France
A brutal colonial legacy is tinder for the fires that are sweeping across France

Racism against people of Arab and African descent in France has become almost banal, something that takes place and no longer raises an eyebrow. The killing of Nael was absolutely explicable — the result of a general social toxicity towards minorities and one that is given expression through the police

30-06 French protests (1)
Protests continue across France demanding justice for Nael who was killed by police officer

Over 40,000 security personnel were deployed across major cities in France to curb protests against the killing of a French-Algerian teenager by the police. The officer who shot Nael has been taken into custody for the charge of “voluntary homicide by a person in authority.”

Protests erupt in France following police shooting of teenager

Police initially claimed that Nael M, a Parisian teenager, had threatened to run officers over with his car, until a video proved that police had executed him at point-blank range

21-06 No Tav Protests - Italy - France
Protesters opposing Turin-Lyon high-speed rail project attacked by French police

Activists from France and Italy organized a two-day demonstration opposing the Turin Lyon high-speed railway line, the Treno ad Alta Velocità (TAV). The protests against the project have been going on for three decades

Students Protest - France
Students and educators in France oppose integration of national service into high schools

Last week, Secretary of State for Youth Sarah El Haïry and the General National Service confirmed plans to start the voluntary national service for high school students by March 2024 by organizing 12-day cohesion camps for training during school time