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What explains the difference between the polls and election results in Brazil?

Analysts have pointed to respondents’ declaration of false information or “embarrassed voting” as a major factor in the difference between the polls and the results

Election-eve polls in Brazil give Lula 50-51% of valid votes

The Ipec and Datafolha voter intention polls released on the eve of the elections in Brazil, show that support for Lula continues to grow

Datafolha poll indicates Lula could win 50% of valid votes on Sunday for a first-round victory

Lula has 50% of the valid votes and can win in the first round; Bolsonaro has 36%; Ciro Gomes dropped one point and has 6%

Latest poll shows increase for Lula and possibility of first round victory

The former president polled 47% in voting intentions while all other candidates together reach 44%.

João Paulo Rodrigues: “Brazil has a great responsibility in Latin America”

The national leader of the Landless Rural Workers’ Movement spoke about the main issues surrounding the upcoming elections in Brazil

Highlights of the first Brazilian presidential debate of 2022

Bolsonaro’s misogyny and insensitivity to the pandemic were central themes in the debates

Argentine VP Kirchner condemns repression: “They were never democratic”

The Argentine Vice President highlights the uneven treatment of demonstrators by police and heavy state repression against her supporters

Latest opinion poll in Brazil gives Lula 47% over Bolsonaro’s 32%

The Datafolha survey points to the possibility of a Lula victory in first round, despite Bolsonaro’s growth

Lula continues to lead in all major polls on Brazilian presidential race

New poll results show that Workers’ Party candidate Lula maintains strong lead against far-right Jair Bolsonaro, who is in second place

Brazil’s health workers vow to save public healthcare in the country

Activists from all over Brazil reaffirm the need to guarantee resources for a 100% public health system

Lula up four points in a week, poll suggests possible 1st round victory

The Workers’ Party candidate gains voter support, reversing the trend towards Bolsonaro, who’s support had grown in recent polls

Over 900,000 Brazilians sign letter in defense of democracy

The letter is being read in dozens of cities on August 11 as part of national mobilizations in defense of democracy