United States
US officials threaten sanctions over ICC warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant

“If they’ll do this to Israel, we’re next,” US Senator says, with bipartisan support building for ICC sanctions

Strengthening our movement in times of crisis: a historic task of the Palestinian liberation movement

From May 24–26, the Palestinian Youth Movement along with other Palestinian and anti-imperialist organizations are hosting the People’s Conference for Palestine

The United States assembles the Squad against China

The US has relaunched its military cooperation alliance under a new name “the Squad”, but with the same goal: to counter and “contain” China

University of California workers vote to authorize strike following repression of pro-Palestine students

With the strike authorization vote, UAW workers are bringing bold, political labor action back to the US labor movement

Biden to send one billion dollars in arms to Israel

Despite statements from US officials suggesting otherwise, the United States’ unconditional support of Israel continues in the face of ongoing genocide

US acknowledges that Israel likely used its weapons to violate international law

The Biden administration’s recent statements on Israel’s aggression in Gaza may seem significant, but Israel policy shows no significant changes

University of California workers could launch strike to reject repression of student protests

UAW Local 4811, representing student workers from the University of California system, are holding a strike vote in response to the university’s actions against pro-Palestine protesters

Israel is losing

Seven months into Israel’s genocide, the US has been forced to shift its position on unconditional support to Israel

US announces military exercise in Guyana and Venezuela responds: “Threat to regional peace”

US Embassy says it is working to “defend the country”; Venezuelan Foreign Minister says action is “provocation”

Israel reacts with fury as Biden halts some weapons shipments to Zionist state

Has the United States finally been pushed to shift its policy of unconditional support for Israel?

White residents of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to form separate city in move termed “neo-segregationist”

A group of wealthy white residents of the Black-majority Louisiana city of Baton Rouge have been permitted to split from the city by the state’s Supreme Court