US war games in Pacific seek global participation in imperialist maneuvers

Hawaiian activists call on nations who condemn the genocide in Gaza to withdraw from Rim of the Pacific War Games organized by the US military and illegally hosted on Hawaiian land.

Anti-war organizers on the Pacific coast protest US military exercises

Cancel RIMPAC and Resist NATO coalitions denounce US-led military exercises taking place in Hawai’i

Political deportation of Kanak leaders sparks more protests in New Caledonia

The arrest and deportation of several prominent Kanak leaders have reignited widespread protests in New Caledonia

Confrontations continue over planned voting rules change in New Caledonia

Violent confrontations erupted in New Caledonia last week in response to French lawmakers’ plans to change voting rules, jeopardizing the rights of the Kanak population

Australian lawmakers call for Julian Assange’s release ahead of extradition appeal

The motion in parliament, which was supported by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, has called for the return of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to his family in Australia. Assange is days away from a final court hearing in the UK against his extradition to the US.

Australia assists Israel in deflecting genocide ruling by attacking UNRWA

Australia immediately undercut the power of the ICJ ruling by supporting Israel’s long-standing effort to destroy the UNRWA

Australia’s military ties to the Israeli Defense Forces

Federal and state governments, numerous Australian universities, and Australian companies have direct ties to high-profile weapons manufacturers that are aiding and profiting off the murder of Palestinians

Thousands rally across Australia in support of Indigenous Voice

The Voice has faced massive opposition from the conservative and right-wing Liberal-National Coalition, and has become a target of disinformation attacks from reactionaries.

Hawaii wildfires
Several weeks after devastating wildfires, Native Hawaiian farmers resist attempt to shift blame

The ultra-right and the government are behind a narrative that implies that Indigenous sovereignty and water rights are to blame for the delay in dousing the Maui wildfires. Indigenous Hawaiians are resisting this campaign and have put forward a charter of demands

Maui wildfire devastation exposes the legacy of colonialism

The worst natural disaster in Hawaiian history is still blazing, where Indigenous residents are being pushed out of their homes

Primary health care reform Aus
New Australian proposals for health reform should follow the lead of Aboriginal community-controlled health services 

The proposal for new primary health care reform in Australia is missing the opportunity to move towards a community-based system.A more root-and-branch reform of the country’s primary health care system is required

Teachers strike New Zealand
New Zealand’s teachers demand better pay and working conditions

Teachers had rejected the recent government offer on pay rise, arguing that it neither accounts for the decline in real wages, nor offers solutions to the understaffing and underfunding of schools