NREGA workers protest India Rural employee guarantee scheme workers continue sit-in in India amid government apathy, police repression

Hundreds of people working under the Indian government’s rural employment guarantee scheme are carrying out a 100-day protest in Delhi over unpaid wages, an exclusionary digital payments and attendance system, and budget cuts

India’s data privacy bill: Commercializing our data and weakening our privacy

India’s government wants to club the commercial use of people’s data with the protection of personal data, and create structures that allow the commercialization of our personal data collected by the government

Digital repression belies democracy in India, says report

A study by Stanford University reported 134 instances of network shutdowns or digital sieges in India in 2018 alone and over a 100 sieges in 2017.

Court upholds India’s controversial unique ID project with caveats

The challenge to the constitutionality of the Aadhaar project was dismissed but many of its sections were struck down. However, activists said the judgement didn’t go far enough