Administrative detention in Israel
The US and its allies refuse to condemn Israeli attacks on Iranian consulate in Syria

Iran and Syria claimed in the UN Security Council that the US is equally responsible for the Israeli attacks inside Syria but asserted that no amount of attacks can dissuade them from supporting Palestine

Palestinian prisoner Assef Refae dies after denial of treatment

At least 11 Palestinians have been killed inside Israeli prisons since October 7 after being denied medical care or due to brutal treatment meted out by prison authorities

Palestinian resistance in Gaza launches historic surprise attack against Israel

The surprise attack, “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” is the biggest attack launched by a Palestinian resistance force in years, and broke through a nearly two-decades blockade of Gaza

Palestinian children Israel arrested 570 Palestinian children in first half of 2023

At least 29 of the Palestinian children arrested by the Israeli forces this year in six months were below the age of 12, and two of them were just 10 years old. Israel has already killed 31 Palestinian children this year

Palestinian Prisoners Day On Prisoner’s Day, Palestinians stand in solidarity with their 5,000 comrades in Israeli occupation jails  

Over 1,000 of the nearly 5,000 Palestinian prisoners are administrative detainees who are in Israeli jails without charge or trial. Among them is Khader Adnan, who just completed 71 days of indefinite hunger strike against his wrongful detention inside Israel’s Ramla prison and is facing severe health issues.

Al cancelar un concierto de Roger Waters, el Ayuntamiento de Frankfurt atenta contra los derechos humanos

La cancelación del concierto de Roger Waters es una amenaza a la libertad de expresión y artística destinada a silenciar las críticas legítimas al gobierno de Israel

Palestinian prisoner Hundreds protest across occupied West Bank for release of terminally ill Palestinian prisoner 

Nasser Abu Hmeid (49), a former member of Palestinian resistance group Al-Aqsa Martyers’ Brigade, is serving multiple life sentences and has already spent 30 years inside Israeli prison

Palestinian administrative detainee Palestinian on two-month hunger strike to protest Israeli administrative detention hospitalized

Administrative detainee Khalil Awawdeh, one of approximately 650 Palestinians currently in Israeli administrative detention, launched a hunger strike to demand an end to his illegal detention without charge or trial