Air strikes
UK civilian killings in war against ISIS British forces killed multiple civilians in Mosul during anti-ISIS airstrikes in 2016-17, says investigation 

A investigation carried out by The Guardian and anti-war organization Airwars busts the UK  government’s claims that its forces did not kill any civilians during the war in Iraq

UK arms to Saudi coalition in Yemen UK arms sales to Saudi Arabia face high court challenge 

The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has sought a judicial review of the UK government’s decision to resume arms sales to Saudi Arabia in 2020 despite evidence of serious violations of international law, including civilian killings, in Yemen 

Saudi-led coalition bombs school bus in Yemen; 29 children killed

Attacking children and civilians in an armed conflict is a serious violation of the international humanitarian law and constitutes a war crime.

Israel launches heaviest air strikes at Gaza since 2014

Two teenagers were killed and at least 30 injured; two more Palestinians shot dead at border