António Guterres
Death toll in Gaza crosses 27,000 as possible ceasefire hangs in the balance

The bombardment of Gaza continues unabated as disturbing reports emerge of mass graves being found with Palestinians reportedly blindfolded and tied at the hands before being executed

Israel’s collective punishment of Palestinians in Gaza not acceptable, says UN Chief

Participants in the UN Security Council highlighted need for a ceasefire in Gaza and a long term solution to the Palestinian question as necessary for peace

On 70th day of Israel’s war, Palestinian death toll hit 19,000

Ignoring global calls for an immediate ceasefire Israel claims the war in Gaza will continue for months to come, denies any possibility for peace now

UNGA discusses Gaza ceasefire after US veto in Security Council

The emergency meeting of the General Assembly was called after Egypt and Mauritania invoked 377 A (V) also known as Uniting for Peace resolution. However, it is unlikely that a resolution for a ceasefire will pressure Israel into stopping its genocidal war

Antonio Guterres invokes Article 99 of UN Charter, urges UNSC to prevent further humanitarian crisis in Gaza

The UN and other aid groups warned of the grave humanitarian crisis, with virtually no safe places for civilians and medical supplies running critically low

La asfixiante ocupación de Palestina ahora es una serie de crímenes de guerra

Israel ha violado flagrantemente el derecho internacional humanitario en las últimas tres semanas de bombardeos incesantes sobre Gaza, todo ello con el respaldo político y financiero de Estados Unidos.

The suffocating occupation of Palestine is now a series of war crimes

Israel has grossly violated international humanitarian law in the last 3 weeks of incessant bombing of Gaza, all with the political and financial backing of the US

Deaths in Gaza cross 7,000 on third week of non-stop Israeli bombing

Israel cuts all communications in Gaza and continues bombarding the Strip for the 21st day on Friday, starvation and diseases loom over 2.3 million besieged Palestinians

Israel-Hamas war In defiance of international calls to stop bombardment of Gaza, Israel extends airstrikes to West Bank

Israel announced it will not issue visas to UN staff after UN Secretary General António Guterres stated that the October 7 attacks by Palestinian resistance groups were not carried out “in a vacuum”

Market principles will not help in mitigating the problems of the elderly

The universal coverage of social security schemes for all elderly must be the immediate intervention point. Apart from this, the tendency to consider the elderly as a non-progressive labor entity and burden on the society must be shed

UNGA summit 2023 At UN General Assembly session, Global South leaders call for urgent reforms in multilateral institutions 

Reforms in multilateral institutions, both political and financial, must reflect the need of the changing world which is multipolar and against hegemonic practices, leaders from the Global South said at the UN General Assembly said

SDG summit Eradication of poverty an indispensable goal, says declaration of Sustainable Development Goals summit

Transfer of funds to developing countries, restructuring of debt, and greater adherence to multilateral norms and regulations without resorting to hegemonic practices are essential preconditions for the achievement of SDG targets