Armed conflict in Colombia
Rising tensions in Colombian government peace talks with the ELN

The proposal was made during a meeting with Afro-descendant, Indigenous and peasant communities affected by illicit crops and guerrilla and paramilitary groups. Talks between the Colombian government and the ELN are currently going on in Cuba

Colombian government and ELN to hold third round of peace talks in Cuba

The delegations of the Colombian government and the ELN are expected to reach crucial agreements on a bilateral ceasefire and participation of civil society groups in the peace process

Colombian President calls for agreement on ceasefire in the third round of talks with ELN

In response to the government’s call, the ELN issued a statement and reiterated its willingness to work to reach a bilateral ceasefire with the Gustavo Petro government

Colombian government and ELN conclude second round of peace talks

During the second round of peace talks, the Colombian government and the ELN agreed on a six-point definitive agenda that will guide the following stages of the negotiation process

Colombian government and ELN begin second round of peace talks in Mexico

In this round, the negotiating parties seek to reach an agreement on the possibility of establishing a bilateral ceasefire

Another assassination attempt against Colombian Vice President Francia Márquez

Márquez reported that her security team found a highly destructive explosive device near her family home during a security check before her visit

Colombia ELN Colombian government and ELN reach first agreement in peace process

The agreement allows the safe return of the Embera Indigenous people to their lands in the Murindó municipality in the Antioquia department of Colombia

Colombian government and ELN restart peace talks in Venezuela

The talks have been resumed after a four year pause in the process during the government of former president Iván Duque

Peace talks between Colombian government and ELN to begin on Monday

Four years after the peace talks were suspended, the Colombian government and the guerilla group ELN are set to begin in Caracas on Monday, November 21. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro will be the guarantor for the talks

Colombian government and ELN agree to restart peace talks

The announcement of resumption of peace negotiations between the national government and the ELN guerilla group was celebrated by human right activists and organizations

Colombian president Gustavo Petro calls for an end to the War on Drugs in historic UN address

In his speech to the UN General Assembly, the Colombian president highlighted the necessity of ending the war on drugs and saving the environment

Colombian government talks peace with FARC dissidents

In the past one and a half months in office, the government of progressive President Gustavo Petro has taken major steps towards achieving peace in Colombia