Benjamin Netanyahu
After over six months of genocide, Israel must come to terms with its defeat

A leader in the Palestinian Youth Movement spoke to Brian Becker of BreakThrough News on how Israel’s war on Gaza can finally end

Netanyahu up against a wall as domestic pressure grows for a hostage deal

The Israeli prime minister has lashed out calling the international community ignorant and anti-semitic for criticizing the Israeli genocide of Gaza and has reiterated possibility of ground offensive in Rafah

What’s really behind Germany’s unshakeable support of Israel?

To understand Germany’s unconditional support for the Israeli genocide, one must understand the origins of the German state

Protesters across Arab countries call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

People took to the streets in a number of countries across West Asia and North Africa after the UN Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire. However, Israel refused to heed the call and continued its attacks on Gaza on Tuesday

UNSC calls for a ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council voted to call for a ceasefire, with the United States for the first time abstaining

Rusia y China vetan la resolución de EE.UU. sobre Gaza por no exigir explícitamente un alto el fuego

Mientras Israel se prepara para una invasión terrestre de Rafah, la resolución que Estados Unidos redactó y presentó al Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU se limitaba a señalar la “necesidad imperiosa” de alto el fuego inmediato en Gaza. Argelia, Rusia y China rechazaron la resolución, afirmando que no había cumplido la exigencia fundamental de un alto el fuego.

Russia and China veto US resolution on Gaza over failure to explicitly demand ceasefire

As Israel prepares for a ground invasion of Rafah, the US-authored resolution presented to the UN Security Council merely noted an “imperative” for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Algeria, Russia, and China rejected the resolution, stating that it had failed to deliver on the core demand for a ceasefire.

October 7 has changed the equation for Gulf States

Saudi Arabia which was on the cusp of advancing normalization, has now been forced to take a step back as support for the Palestinian cause and rejection of Israel has skyrocketed

Lula, el genocidio de Israel y el racismo en los medios corporativos brasileños

Para los medios corporativos y la clase política brasileña, incluso las elecciones municipales tienen un peso moral mayor que el exterminio de una población.

Peter Mertens: “Netanyahu is the Pinochet of this generation”

In a speech at the Belgian parliament, the General Secretary of the Workers’ Party sharply condemned Israel’s genocide in Gaza and called for concrete measures to stop it

On March 2, the world will march to stop Israel’s genocidal assault on Rafah

Israel is threatening to carry out a full-scale invasion of Rafah, a tiny section of Gaza where 1.5 million Palestinians are now packed, on March 10. Ahead of the deadline, a global day of protest is scheduled for March 2.

Lula, Israel’s genocide, and racism on Brazilian corporate media

To the Brazilian corporate media and political class, even municipal elections have heavier moral weight than the extermination of a population