Black Sea
Black Sea grain deal Ships headed to Ukraine via Black Sea legitimate targets for attacks, warns Russia

The warning comes following Ukraine’s attempts to revive the Black Sea grain deal without Russia. Ukraine is pitching a proposal that involves other countries providing protection to ships carrying its grain

Russia intercepts British jets Russia claims its air force intercepted three UK planes that were approaching its borders

Two Russian Su-27 jets intercepted two British fighter jets and a spy plane approaching the Russian border from across the Black Sea and forced them to turn away, Russia claimed. The rise in direct air skirmishes involving NATO air forces near Russian borders has raised fears of direct confrontation and the escalation of the war in Ukraine

18-04 Ukraine Grain - Europe EU’s withdrawal of tariffs on Ukrainian grain backfires as eastern European countries rise in opposition

The European Union and five countries in eastern Europe at are loggerheads over the tariff-free import of grain from Ukraine. The five countries say that the removal of tariffs has affected their internal markets and their farmers

Russia intercepts US aircraft Russian jet intercepts two US B-52 bombers moving towards its borders

This was third such air incident between Russian and NATO forces since the drowning of the US MQ-9 Reaper drone in the Black Sea on March 14

Russia accuses US of provocation, denies its jets made any contacts with the US drone

The US has alleged that one of its spy drones was lost in the Black Sea after a Russian jet deliberately collided with it on Tuesday morning

Russia-Ukraine Conflict Ukraine war of attrition at inflection point

The Ukrainian counteroffensive has failed to materialize, while a massive Russian knockout blow to the tottering Ukrainian military also seems improbable

Putin’s summits next week will strengthen ties with Iran, Turkey

The Russian president’s visit comes at a highly transformative period in the US approach toward both Turkey and Iran and following Joe Biden’s crucial visit to West Asia

US continues to stoke conflict in West Asia; UK tests waters in Black Sea

Newsclick’s Prabir Purkayastha talks about the recent US strikes on Syria and Iraq, and the recent maneuvers by the UK navy in the Black Sea region