Socialism is increasingly popular in the US. So the House of Representatives denounces it

Conservatives in the House of Representatives passed a resolution “denouncing the horrors of socialism” and opposing the implementation of socialist policies

Serbia healthcare From optimization to decentralization of healthcare

A new plan to reform health care in Serbia leaves doubts about how much optimization of rights and accessibility of care it will bring

Diputada Federal Juliana Cardoso: Lula debe salvar a Brasil del capitalismo salvaje

Bolsonaro había acelerado un proyecto que, según Cardoso, era una “avalancha de capitalismo salvaje. Es un capitalismo que mata, que destruye, que hace mucho dinero para unos pocos”

Lula must save Brazil from savage capitalism, says Federal Deputy Juliana Cardoso

Bolsonaro had accelerated a project that Cardoso says was an “avalanche of savage capitalism. It is a capitalism that kills, that destroys, that makes a lot of money for a few people”

Nicolás Maduro at COP27: “There is a connection between the environmental crisis and global poverty”

In his address to COP27, the Venezuelan president highlighted that capitalism was responsible for the environmental crisis and urged the body to move forward with climate financing

Democratic Labor Party Morocco Democratic Way announces formation of a new workers’ Party in Morocco

The new Workers’ Democratic Way Party will be based on the idea of Marxism-Leninism with a program for greater working class and regional unity against exploitative, regressive and imperialist forces

What Warren Buffett knows that you don’t – Part 3

Warren Buffett’s smartest investment is not in any manufacturing or service company, but in several insurance businesses

What Buffett knows that you don’t – Part 2

Although the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway claims that markets work perfectly everywhere else, his own investment practices show that he has benefited from the inherent inefficiency and chaotic nature of the market system

What Warren Buffett knows that you don’t – Part 1

The first in a three-part series of videos that help open your eyes to the realities of capitalism today

Latin American and Caribbean movements call for united struggle and other stories

Today we look at the 3rd Assembly of ALBA Movimientos, the ongoing boycott of Israeli courts by Palestinian administrative detainees, and more

Aijaz Ahmad: critic, scholar, communist

In memory of Aijaz Ahmad whose insights continue to illuminate and inspire

Peruvian fishermen protest agreement with Repsol on oil spill

Fishermen are dissatisfied with the agreement signed between the national government and the Repsol company on an initial compensation of 3,000 soles to affected fishermen and fish merchants. They say that they lose more than 5,000 soles a month due to the disastrous oil spill