Communist Refoundation Party (PRC)
Massive demonstration in Rome calls for ceasefire in Gaza

Communists accused the opposition parties in the Italian parliament of being complicit in Giorgia Meloni-led government’s policy of dragging Italy into imperialist conflicts.

Insorgiamo: the story of how workers of an Italian factory are creating history

Laid-off workers of the former GKN plant in Campi Bisenzio, who have been leading a 900-day long struggle, have proposed to take over the plant by forming a cooperative to facilitate futuristic production

Activists intensify campaign to conserve nature reserve in Abruzzo, Italy

The right-wing-dominated regional council of Abruzzio has voted to cut down the protected area of Borsacchio Nature Reserve in Roseto degli Abruzzi by 98%.

Court reduces sentence of Italian ex-mayor for pro-refugee policies

Domenico Lucano was internationally lauded for his exemplary initiatives to resettle refugees coming to his commune in Italy. However, in 2018, Italian authorities charged him with multiple accusations of abetting illegal migration to the country.

Italy protests end of Citizens' Income Protests continue in Italy against government’s decision to end Citizens’ Income scheme

The right-wing government led by Giorgia Meloni has inflicted heavy cuts in social security spending but continues to provide financial and military support to the war in Ukraine

23-05 Italy Flood Floods in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna are a sign of unfurling climate crisis and state’s failure in adaptation

Two waves of floods—in the first week of May and another that started on May 16—hit the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy, killing 16 people and displacing over 50,000 

15-05 Workers' protest - Italy Trade unions in Italy continue mobilizations against government’s labor policies, support to Ukraine war

Anti-fascist sections in Italy denounced Volodymyr Zelensky’s recent visit and protested the Giorgia Meloni-led government’s complicity in the war in Ukraine

25-04 Liberation Day - Italy Italian left marks liberation day from fascism, takes a stand against the policies of Giorgia Meloni government

Communists and other progressive sections celebrated the 78th anniversary of the liberation of Italy from fascism, while highlighting the fascist roots of the current government led by Giorgia Meloni

Disunity wrecks Mario Draghi’s neoliberal government in Italy

The working class, as well as students and youth, have been protesting the EU-dictated neoliberal, anti-worker policies of the Mario Draghi-led government

G20 Protest 1 Massive mobilization in Rome protests G-20 summit

Trade unions, progressive political parties, anti-imperialists, youth/student groups, climate activists, and others participated in the mobilization in Rome to denounce the neoliberal agenda of the 16th G20 summit that prioritize profits over people

Workers across Italy protest killing of trade union leader Adil Belakdhim

Adil Belakdhim was killed when a truck ran into a picket line of protesting logistics workers on June 18. Si Cobas, the union to which he belonged, has termed it the culmination of attacks on workers across the country

Italy Protests Protests in Milan against Lombardy administration’s handling of COVID-19 

Faulty COVID-19 infection estimates from Lombardy showing a higher rate of infections had prompted the Italian government to designate it as a ‘Red Zone’ and impose stricter lockdown measures, resulting in huge revenue losses