Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)
“Imperialism has nothing to offer us, only threats:” Dilemmas of Humanity conference in Santiago

Over 230 representatives of social movements, trade unions, and left parties from 23 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean are taking part in the Regional Dilemmas of Humanity Conference in Chile. The conference opened with a call for socialist solutions to the threats posed by neoliberalism and imperialism to the people of the region

Peter Mertens Peter Mertens: Mutiny in South and North

At the Cumbre de los Pueblos (Peoples’ Summit) at the European Parliament, Peter Mertens, Secretary General of the PTB, spoke about the mutinies that are needed to turn the world around

La Cumbre de los Pueblos en Bruselas pide que se respete la democracia y la autodeterminación

Más de 1.000 personas participaron en la Cumbre de los Pueblos que reunió a los pueblos de América Latina y el Caribe y de Europa

Belgium hosts movements from across Latin America and Europe in People’s Summit

We bring you glimpses of the People’s Summit in Brussels which brought together people’s movements, trade unions, and left parties from across Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe

People’s Summit in Brussels calls for respect of democracy and self-determination

Over 1,000 people participated in the People’s Summit that brought together the people of Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe

Ahead of III CELAC-EU Summit, movements from both continents build People’s Summit

Movements from Latin America and Europe have joined hands to hold the 2023 People’s Summit which will run parallel to the CELAC-EU Heads of State Summit

Cuba y Venezuela condenan el unilateralismo de la UE frente a la Cumbre CELAC-UE

Autoridades de los países han denunciado que tanto la agenda como el formato de la Cumbre han sido dictados por la UE sin la debida consulta con sus homólogos latinoamericanos

Cuba and Venezuela condemn EU’s unilateralism ahead of CELAC-EU Summit

Authorities from the countries have condemned that both the agenda and the format of the Summit have been dictated by the EU without proper consultation with their Latin American counterparts

Colombia rejoins UNASUR

The government of Colombian President Gustavo Petro decided to rejoin the regional integration organization UNASUR hours after Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva emphasized on the importance of revitalizing the group

Latin American and Caribbean governments agree to join forces against inflation

The leaders agreed to unite efforts to allow the exchange of basic food products and essential goods under better conditions, with the priority of lowering the costs

Progressive leaders chart new path for region at CELAC summit

The summit also marked the return of Brazil to CELAC after three years as well as of president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who played an important role in the creation of the body.

Latin American and Caribbean leaders reaffirm commitment to regional integration

CELAC member countries signed the Buenos Aires declaration to make Latin America and the Caribbean a community of sovereign nations