Right to abortion in Argentina under attack by government of libertarian Javier Milei

The discrepancies over Argentina’s new anti-abortion bill reveal the internal fissures in the right-wing block that has allied with Milei

El “sancionador en jefe” Bob Menendez, acusado de corrupción

Piden a Bob Menendez, que encabeza el brutal régimen de sanciones de Estados Unidos contra varias naciones soberanas, que renuncie después de que se presentaran cargos de corrupción contra él

“Sanctioner-in-Chief” Bob Menendez indicted on corruption charges

Bob Menendez, who spearheads the brutal US sanctions regime against several sovereign nations, was asked to resign after corruption charges were filed against him

Bernardo Arévalo Guatemala Guatemalan president-elect Bernardo Arévalo suspends government transition

The announcement came after the State Attorney General’s Office raided electoral facilities and opened ballot boxes of the June elections in which Arévalo had pulled ahead of the candidates acceptable to the establishment and advanced to the August run-off

What’s behind the post-election crisis in Guatemala?

Indigenous Guatemalan leader Carlos Barrientos Aragón reflects on the crisis that has unfolded in the country following the elections

Guatemala heads to run-off elections elections amid record levels of abstention

On August 20, the people of Guatemala will choose between former first lady Sandra Torres and sociologist Bernardo Arévalo

Anti-corruption journalist in Guatemala sentenced to six years in prison

José Rubén Zamora Marroquín was arrested in July 2022, which many believe because he exposed several corruption cases and fraudulent businesses of the Alejandro Giammattei government

Ecuador update Ecuadorian opposition rejects dissolution of parliament

The majority of Ecuador’s political parties have rejected the dissolution of the National Assembly, arguing that the grounds established in the constitution to dissolve it, do not exist at the moment

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso dissolves parliament through “cross death” mechanism

Lasso’s decision comes a day after the National Assembly began an impeachment hearing against him, which could have removed him from office

Ecuadorian legislature votes for impeachment trial against President Lasso

Under Ecuador’s constitution, at any time during the trial Lasso could dissolve the Assembly and govern by decree for up to six months, after which he would have to call for new elections. He has told press that he would not hesitate to dissolve the congress if his removal were imminent

Ecuadorian president’s alleged associate found murdered following corruption allegations

Businessman Rubén Chérres was assassinated days after the Constitutional Court of Ecuador approved the request by opposition legislators to impeach conservative President Guillermo Lasso

Souvi Ould Cheine Mauritania Death of activist in police custody sparks protests demanding justice in Mauritania

Eight people, including senior police personnel, have been charged in the death of Souvi Ould Jibril Ould Cheine in Nouakchott on February 9. The killing led to protests and strikes demanding justice for the activist described as ‘the voice of the people’