Death Sentence
Myanmar update Myanmar is trapped in a cycle of displacement and widespread rights abuse

From mass arrests to killings of 2,000 dissidents, the military regime is accused of triggering displacement, bringing political divisions and pushing the country to the verge of civil war

Persecution of minorities continues in Pakistan under blasphemy law

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are infamous for their harshness and for their misuse. Their controversial use against individuals on political grounds is also driving members of minority communities to leave the country

Pakistan blasphemy law Pakistan’s minorities denounce death sentence for blasphemy  

A 37-year-old Christian garment factory worker, Asif Pervaiz, who was recently sentenced to death in a blasphemy case. His former supervisor accused him of sending “blasphemous messages” by phone

Palestinians in Israel prison Netanyahu-backed bill may lead to more death sentences against Palestinians

Under the new bill, civilian courts can hand out the death penalty on a wide variety of cases. Military courts will no longer require a unanimous verdict in such cases.

29-year-old Saudi woman activist faces death sentence

Israa al-Ghomgham was arrested in December 2015 on charges of provoking anti-government protests and rebelling against a ruler. The verdict in her trial will be announced in October