Déi Lénk (The Left)
General strike memorial -Luxembourg Luxembourgers commemorate 1942 general strike against Nazi German occupation

Protesting against forced conscription, workers went on a general strike that started in Wiltz on August 31, 1942 and spread across the country. 21 workers were executed by Nazi authorities for participating in the action

16-05 Local Elections - Luxembourg Communists in Luxembourg stress housing, social rights in manifesto for upcoming local elections

Elections are set to take place for the governing councils of 100 communes which are of the status of municipalities on June 11. The Communist Party of Luxembourg has said it will strive to ensure that municipalities actually belong to the inhabitants

Luxembourg Protests Leftists in Luxembourg protest closure of post offices and rise in postal charges 

The management of government-owned Post Luxembourg has increased postal charges and is planning to close down many post offices across the country

Housing Crisis-Luxembourg Luxembourg’s housing policy has widened inequality

Gary Diderich of Dei Lenk analyzes the steep rise in housing prices and rents in Luxembourg in the context of decades of failed policies which have left nearly 30% of the population in deep distress

In Luxembourg workers of clothing-retail company H&M protest against reduction in year-end bonus

Swedish clothing-retail brand Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) in Luxembourg decided to reduce the workers’ year-end bonus, equivalent to the two months of partial unemployment caused by the lockdown between March and May