Dilemmas of Humanity conference in South Africa debates road to socialism

During the different interventions and discussions by participants, the conclusion was clear that socialism and socialist solutions are the only way to overcome these issues and build a better world for all.

“Democracy must be built from below”: left leaders reflect on what true democracy looks like

Left leaders and researchers from India, South Africa, Venezuela, Morocco, and the US discussed the need to build people’s democracy

Mariah Parker: Why democracy is not possible under capitalism

Stop Cop City activist, labor organizer, and rapper Mariah Parker uses the experiences of people’s movements to illustrate why capitalism is inherently undemocratic

Boric and former Chilean presidents sign commitment for democracy on 50th anniversary of coup

The leaders committed to always take care of and defend democracy, face the challenges of democracy, defend and promote human rights, and strengthen spaces for collaboration among states

US Supreme Court decides to uphold voting rights—for now

The Court including several conservative justices decided to reject “independent state legislature theory,” which threatened to virtually overturn the popular vote

Norita Cortiñas: “If we don’t pay the foreign debt there would be no more poor people”

Norita Cortiñas was in La Plata during a presentation of books that reflect the struggle of different human rights defenders. In an afternoon full of recognition, emotion, memories and laughter, Norita spoke about her life and her battles.

Democracy or apartheid: You can’t have both

The idea that Israeli “democracy” can be protected by blocking the judicial overhaul is a myth. Any plans Israel had for democracy were destroyed when they began the Nakba in 1948.

Opposition and civil society criticizes delay of local body polls in Sri Lanka

Local polls were to be held last year but were delayed due to Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. After another postponement was announced in February, judicial intervention led to the polls being scheduled for April 25

A criminal attack on democracy: Why Brazil’s fascists should not get amnesty

From all the excitement echoing from the red tide that took over during Lula’s inauguration as Brazil’s President, the most significant was the call for “no amnesty”

Peruvian security forces massacre 17 protesters in Juliaca, Puno

With the victims of the massacre in Juliace, the death toll from state repression of the anti-government protests rises to 46

Five killed by police during anti-coup protests in Peru

Enduring brutal police repression, tens of thousands of Peruvians have been protesting in different parts of the country, demanding closure of the Congress, new elections and new constitution through a Constituent Assembly

Wikileaks Wikileaks’ invaluable contributions to journalism and people’s movements

The information shared by Wikileaks has strengthened the resistance against repressive governments by exposing the gaps between their actions and their carefully crafted narratives