Ecuadorian government
Ecuadorian trade unions and social movements condemn dismissal of workers from government ministry

Over 35 workers, including Juan Fernando Rodríguez Escobar, President of the Ecuadorian Solidarity Workers Confederation, have been dismissed from the Ministry of Government. The illegal dismissals are believed to be linked to the ongoing collective bargaining process for better wages and working conditions

Ecuadorian legislature votes for impeachment trial against President Lasso

Under Ecuador’s constitution, at any time during the trial Lasso could dissolve the Assembly and govern by decree for up to six months, after which he would have to call for new elections. He has told press that he would not hesitate to dissolve the congress if his removal were imminent

Ecuadorian Congress to review request to impeach President Guillermo Lasso

The country’s Constitutional Court decided to continue the process, which means now the legislature has 30 days to decide

Ola Bini’s pre-trial hearings suspended for two weeks

The hearings are set to resume on December 16, but without any observers. Ola Bini, a digital privacy rights activist and software developer, was arrested in April 2019