French colonialism
“France out of Africa, US and NATO too!” Activists picket the UNGA

US activists protested outside of the UN General Assembly against US and French imperialism and warmongering in the Sahel

Niger’s government accuses France of mobilizing for war after discussing troop withdrawal

The commander of French forces in the Sahel has discussed disengagement from Niger, yet Macron has refused to withdraw troops, whose continued presence in Niger was deemed ‘illegal’

Níger: el cuarto país del Sahel que sufre un golpe de Estado antioccidental

El golpe de Níger sigue a los de Malí, Burkina Faso y Guinea. Todos ellos fueron dirigidos por militares enfadados por la presencia de tropas francesas y estadounidenses y por las crisis económicas que sufrían sus países.

Niger is the fourth country in the Sahel to experience an anti-Western coup

The coup in Niger follows coups in Mali, Burkina Faso, and Guinea. Each of these was led by military officers angered by the presence of French and US troops and by economic crises inflicted on their countries

26-07 Police repression - France A month after Nael’s killing, has the French state learned any lessons?

The killing of 17-year-old Nael and the mass protests that followed once again revealed structural issues and discrimination in France. Activists say these need to be addressed urgently but it does not look like the government has learnt any lessons

La chispa tras los incendios que arrasan Francia: un brutal legado colonial

El racismo contra las personas de ascendencia árabe y africana en Francia se ha convertido en algo casi banal, algo que ocurre y ya no levanta una ceja. El asesinato de Nael era absolutamente explicable: el resultado de una toxicidad social general hacia las minorías y que se expresa a través de la policía.

A brutal colonial legacy is tinder for the fires that are sweeping across France A brutal colonial legacy is tinder for the fires that are sweeping across France

Racism against people of Arab and African descent in France has become almost banal, something that takes place and no longer raises an eyebrow. The killing of Nael was absolutely explicable — the result of a general social toxicity towards minorities and one that is given expression through the police

Las movilizaciones contra los daños causados por la clordecona cobran fuerza en Martinica y Guadalupe

Los habitantes de Martinica y Guadalupe llevan décadas enfrentándose a las consecuencias del envenenamiento por clordecona. Una nueva iniciativa ha anunciado que está dispuesta a llevar adelante la lucha por la justicia

Mali constitutional referendum Will revamped constitution herald stability in war-torn Mali?

A recent referendum has brought about major changes to Mali’s constitution and laid the foundations for elections next year. Despite challenges posed by separatist groups and Islamist insurgency, there is hope that the referendum is a step in the right direction

Chlordecone poisoning french carribbean Mobilizations against effects of chlordecone poisoning gain momentum in Martinique and Guadeloupe

The people of Martinique and Guadeloupe have been facing the consequences of chlordecone poisoning for decades. A new initiative has announced it is ready to take forward the struggle for justice

Daily Round-up: CONAIE says govt responsible for leader’s murder in Ecuador & other stories

In today’s episode, we look at France-Africa relations, CONAIE says govt responsible for leader’s murder in Ecuador, Amazon workers strike in UK warehouse and school teachers’ in Portugal.

The global faultlines of 2022

NewsClick’s Prabir Purkayastha discusses the major hotspots of 2022, including the Ukraine war and US-China tensions, and their implications for the coming year