Fuel Price hike
Indigenous organizations and government conclude negotiations in Ecuador

The leaders of the CONAIE, FENOCIN and FEINE celebrated the advances made in the dialogue process, but also expressed their discontent, pointing out that agreements on various crucial demands are still pending

Panamanian unions call for mobilizations against government’s failure to fulfill agreements

Saúl Méndez, general secretary of the Single Union of Construction Workers, denounced that the Laurentino Cortizo government has failed to comply with various agreements reached in negotiations

Bangladesh fuel price hike Students injured in demonstration against record fuel price hike in Bangladesh

A day after the government raised the prices of diesel, kerosene and petrol by upto 51%, left-leaning student unions including the Progressive Student Alliance demonstrated against the unprecedented hike that will majorly impact the lower class

Panamanian people’s organizations and unions win more victories

The organizations which called for the national strike recently signed two agreements to increase the public education budget and to establish price caps for medicines

Panama fuel price agreement Panamanian movements win key agreement with government on fuel price 

The social organizations and trade unions, which called for the ongoing national strike in Panama, have signed an agreement with the right-wing government to reduce and freeze the price of fuel at USD 3.25 per gallon

Negotiations underway in Panama as national mobilizations continue

The protest actions against the increase in cost of living have continued for three weeks as the government has failed to give any concrete solutions

National strike in Panama demands justice for the poor

For almost two weeks, tens of thousands of Panamanians have been taking to the streets across the country protesting the cost of living crisis and lack of of response and attention from the government of President Laurentino Cortizo

National strike in Panama continues amid heavy repression

Thousands of Panamanians have been on strike since July 1 to demand the government of Laurentino Cortizo take immediate action to address the country’s economic crisis

Ecuadorian Indigenous organizations and government reach agreement to end national strike

Indigenous organizations and the government of President Guillermo Lasso reached consensus on the most substantial demands and agreed to continue discussing the pending ones and find a solution to them in the next 90 days

Ecuador national strike National strike in Ecuador completes 15 days, struggle continues

Ecuadorian peasant, Indigenous and Afro-descendant organizations have vowed to continue fighting against poverty and deep inequalities in the country, despite persecution, criminalization and repression by the state

Defying repression, Ecuadorians continue to protest against neoliberalism

At least two indigenous protesters have been killed in the ongoing anti-government protests in Ecuador. Protestors have faced widespread repression and violence by the security forces

Ecuadorians continue to resist as national strike enters second week

Defying the state of emergency, enduring brutal police and military repression, hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians continue to remain on the streets against neoliberalism