Fumio Kishida
Japón demuestra un cambio de actitud ante el creciente poder del Sur global

La sutil reorientación de Japón hacia el Sur Global y su alejamiento de las orientaciones estadounidenses es un signo del cambiante contexto mundial

Japan signals an attitude shift to the growing power of the Global South

The subtle reorientation of Japan towards the Global South and away from US orientations is a sign of the shifting global context

Okinawa governor elections Japan Okinawa governor poll results hamper plans to expand US military presence in Japan

The re-election of Denny Tamaki marks the third consecutive gubernatorial election in Okinawa where an anti-US base candidate has won with a clear majority

Cold War in Asia not easy Creating Cold War conditions in Asia isn’t easy

The Achilles heel of the US’ Cold War strategy is that it lacks an inspiring economic agenda. The US’ Cold War strategy is primarily in military terms, whereas what impresses Asian countries is economic clout

Biden vows to intervene militarily in Taiwan if China “invades”

President Biden’s recent comments about defending Taiwan in case of a mainland invasion are unusually militaristic, even for the United States

Will Japan and Russia tensions over contested Pacific Islands spill over into war?

A leaked version of Japan’s yearly text on its foreign policy suggests that its government is taking a tougher stance on its long-standing conflict with Russia

US and India India, US have different priorities

India has sensed that an epochal global struggle for ascendancy by the US and its western allies versus Russia and China has broken out in Ukraine

Japan elections Elections in Japan end with boost to right-wing, defeat of center-left opposition

The opposition coalition of five parties led by the Constitutional Democratic Party suffered a massive defeat, while the ruling conservative coalition led by the Liberal Democratic Party continues to maintain its majority in the National Diet