Gabriel Boric
Global South countries break with West on Ukraine Summit final declaration

None of the BRICS member states signed the final joint communique which talked about respect for Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Many affirmed that there cannot be any serious discussion on peace without Russian participation

Chile rejects far-right constitution in latest plebiscite

The Chilean left reacts to the defeat of the proposed constitution, which could have been even “more Pinochet style than the current one”

Boric and former Chilean presidents sign commitment for democracy on 50th anniversary of coup

The leaders committed to always take care of and defend democracy, face the challenges of democracy, defend and promote human rights, and strengthen spaces for collaboration among states

“Chile needs a communist party,” an interview with Lautaro Carmona, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Chile

Carmona reflects on the political situation in Chile amid increased right-wing attacks, the death of the CP’s president, and the 50th anniversary of the coup against Salvador Allende

Chile: Ninguna constitución garantiza la transformación del país

Una conversación con Bárbara Navarrete, Secretaria General de las Juventudes Comunistas de Chile.

In Chile, having a good constitution doesn’t guarantee social change

Taroa Zúñiga Silva speaks to Bárbara Navarrete, secretary-general of the Communist Youth of Chile.

South America is back, and Venezuela is helping lead the way

The recent summit of South American presidents in Brasilia, convened by President Lula Da Silva, was a practical reflection of the political-electoral shift towards the progressive camp in the region. Venezuela has been a key player in this process

Boric appoints new Chilean ambassador to Venezuela

In spite of the government’s hostility towards Maduro, Chile becomes 5th South American country to normalize relations with Caracas after the Guaidó crisis

Chile rallies behind Peru’s coup government

Evo Morales harshly criticized the move by the Boric government which occurred just after Peruvian congress approved the entry of hundreds of US troops for training activities

How did right-wing forces win a majority of seats in Chile’s Constitutional Council?

Center-left President Gabriel Boric has called on the opposition “to prevent history from repeating itself,” and “draft a constitution that interprets the vast majority of the country”

Chile lithium reserves nationalized Chile’s President Gabriel Boric announces plan to nationalize lithium industry

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric has proposed the creation of a state-owned company which will eventually take over the lithium mining sector from private industry giants. The Latin American country has one of the world’s largest lithium reserves and is the second largest producer of the metal globally, after Australia

Chilean Congress approves bill reducing work week to 40 hours

In addition to reducing working hours per week, the bill also establishes increased overtime wages or compensation with holidays, provides the possibility of reducing working days to four in a week, among other benefits