Gabriel Boric
Boric appoints new Chilean ambassador to Venezuela

In spite of the government’s hostility towards Maduro, Chile becomes 5th South American country to normalize relations with Caracas after the Guaidó crisis

Chile rallies behind Peru’s coup government

Evo Morales harshly criticized the move by the Boric government which occurred just after Peruvian congress approved the entry of hundreds of US troops for training activities

How did right-wing forces win a majority of seats in Chile’s Constitutional Council?

Center-left President Gabriel Boric has called on the opposition “to prevent history from repeating itself,” and “draft a constitution that interprets the vast majority of the country”

Chile lithium reserves nationalized Chile’s President Gabriel Boric announces plan to nationalize lithium industry

Chile’s President Gabriel Boric has proposed the creation of a state-owned company which will eventually take over the lithium mining sector from private industry giants. The Latin American country has one of the world’s largest lithium reserves and is the second largest producer of the metal globally, after Australia

Chilean Congress approves bill reducing work week to 40 hours

In addition to reducing working hours per week, the bill also establishes increased overtime wages or compensation with holidays, provides the possibility of reducing working days to four in a week, among other benefits

A cincuenta años del Golpe, el primer año de la Unidad Popular en Chile

Una conversación con Miguel Lawner, que recuerda la vida como antiguo preso político de la dictadura de Augusto Pinochet, al tiempo que proyecta en el actual gobierno progresista la esperanza de que el gobierno de Salvador Allende pudiera mejorar la vida de los chilenos.

50 years after Chile’s coup, the first year of Popular Unity

A conversation with Miguel Lawner, who remembers life as a former political prisoner of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship while projecting his hope that Salvador Allende’s government could improve the lives of Chileans onto the current progressive government

Saving the ISAPRE would be one more injustice in the Chilean health system

Private health insurance companies in Chile, commonly referred to as ISAPRE, are failing to provide essential health coverage for all—and the Boric administration is looking into changing the system

Bolivian President Arce hopes for a “sincere dialogue” with Chilean authorities on sovereign access to sea

During the commemoration of the Battle of Calama, Bolivian President Luis Arce called on his Chilean counterpart Gabriel Boric to initiate a new stage of bilateral relations and address the historical issues that separate the two nations

Progressive leaders chart new path for region at CELAC summit

The summit also marked the return of Brazil to CELAC after three years as well as of president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who played an important role in the creation of the body.

Chilean Congress approves bill to launch new constituent process

One of the fundamental demands of the October 2019 social uprising against inequality was a new constituent process to replace the country’s dictatorship-era constitution

ICJ rules that Bolivia and Chile both have right to use disputed river

The ICJ recognized Bolivia’s sovereign right to the canalization of the Silala river as well as Chile’s usufruct right to its waters